“I spent this afternoon sitting in a little circle of remembrance for my much loved friend who died last week. Wild Sister Rising gave me the space and opportunity to say all of the things I’ve regretted not saying. I swear Lissa is full of magic, I feel so much more peaceful tonight. <3 ” ~ Eilidh, Fife

“I’ve bought from Wild Sister Rising a few times, both for lovely things for myself and as gifts for others. I’ve NEVER been disappointed! The bath bombs in particular are divine and I love the wax melts. Definitely recommend.” ~ Lisa, Fife

“The diffuser is on! It’s working a treat, covering the scent of steak and fried onions  🙂 Thank you xx” ~ Nicola, Perthshire

” My 6yr old loved the heart shaped mega fizzy bathbombs ” ~ Jemma, Stirlingshire

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