3 Card Tarot Card Reading


3 Card Tarot Reading.

Using the Native American Tarot Deck I will draw 3 cards specifically for you, depicting the Past, Present and Future. The results will be emailed to you directly.

I have been reading this particular Tarot deck for 23 years and read the cards intuitively. This deck consists of  78 cards, 22 Major Arcana and 56 Minor Arcana split into 4 suits; Blades (corresponding to traditional Swords), Pipes (traditionally Wands), Vessels (traditionally Cups) and Shields (Pentacles) and each suit home to Matriarch (Queen), Chief (King), Warrior (Knight) and Maiden (Page).

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Tarot readings are for fun and entertainment purposes only and can never be 100% guaranteed to be accurate.

Each reading is subject to my interpretation of the cards presented to me and in no way should it be used in place of professional medical/legal/business advice.

Your request for a Tarot Reading is in your full knowledge that I am not responsible for your own interpretation of the message you receive and any subsequent action you take or decision you may make.  Any action you take based on the reading will be via your own free will and common sense, you will never be forced or advised to do anything.


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