Hi, hello! Welcome! Pull up a chair, I’ll stick the kettle on, make yourself at home.  I’m Lissa, as in ‘Lisa’, not as in “Is that short for Melissa?”.  My Parents made the deliberate decision to add the additional ‘S’, my Dad did not make a mistake at the registrars.

I am a mum-of-1, wife, daughter, sister, auntie, friend, in-law, home-educator, activist, campaigner, crafter, feminist, procrastinator, home-maker, mischief-maker, INFP, eco-warrior, YES voter (Scottish Indyref), proficient swearer, moon worshipping hippie, poet, pagan, pluviophile, Beaujolais loving tea jenny, socialist, stationery loving imperfect 30-something with a dislike for labels, a love for scarves and good coffee – proper coffee though, not instant.  Hands up, I am a self confessed coffee snob! Most importantly, I am me (and my alter-ego : Scarf Lady).

I am going through this life constantly unravelling it, continually questioning who I am and what I want, both for me and my family. As I evolve, so does my path along which I am journeying. That journey has led me to Wild Sister Rising, which I have created in order to further explore the female energy, power and sisterhood.

My personal motto is that we are:

Always Learning Forever Growing


Pleased to meet you.

L x