Flame Keeper

Welcome to my hearth. As a Ceremonial & Ritual Flame Keeper of Women, I honour you as you transition through this beautiful life in all her stages.

Reclaiming, remembering and re-awakening to the ways of the old and reigniting our connection to each other, ourselves and our ancestors with the Women’s mysteries and celebratory rituals.

Through sacred circle ceremonies and guiding workshops, explore, discover and celebrate all that makes you YOU during the different seasons of your life.

::: Women’s Sacred Circles :::

Held in Soul Sister Crafts ltd, Holistic Therapies & Wellness Studio, 13b High Street, Bonnybridge FK4 1BX

Spaces limited to 8 women per circle
£10 per person per circle.
Book your space here

**I will have a monthly theme (which will be announced prior to each circle) and you can then choose which circle date/time suits you better for each month**

::: Sacred Circle Ceremony :::


Menarche Celebration for girls beginning their cycling years, honouring their transition.

18th Birthday Celebration : standing at the threshold of the rest of your life.


Mother’s Blessing Celebration : awaiting the arrival of your child.

30th Birthday Celebration : crossing the threshold from Maiden to Mother archetype.


Menopause/Moonpause Celebration upon entering into the peri-menopause years and the wonders that these hold and/or rejoicing at the completion of the menopause

40th Birthday Celebration : crossing the threshold from Mother to Wild Woman archetype


65th Birthday Celebration : crossing the threshold from Wild Woman to Wise Woman, the Elder archetype.


An alternative “hen night” to compliment the more tradition variation.


Farewell Celebration : honouring all that you brought to your time earth side .


If you have a different occasion you would like to celebrate in sacred circle, please get in touch to discuss further.

Contact me directly to discuss your requirements or to book. Pricing starting from £75.00 for 2 hour circle and dependent upon specifics to create your perfect sacred celebration circle.

::: Work Shops :::

Workshops can be run either on 1-2-1 basis or for groups (minimum 6 people for group session).

Details and dates for future workshops will be released ongoing.

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