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It’s not you, it’s me

***Breaking News ***

It has been a long time coming and much to-ing and fro-ing but from Tuesday 16th June 2020 , I will be logging off and out of Facebook (including messenger) and Instagram for the next year.

I won’t bore you with the reasons (unless you really want to know) as there are many reasons that I want to do this and have been gradually working towards it for quite some time now, from deleting my twitter account last year, and removing my personal Facebook account, only using it for work, but since we have been in lock down for these past 3 months, I have found the social platforms a place of pain rather than peace.

Wild Sister Rising will continue to function as a blog and shop site, with new avenues for sharing my work currently a work-in-progress, which I will share in due course on both the website and via the Wild Sister Rising newsletter; I suggest you subscribe (for free and get a free oracle reading when you do) if you haven’t done so already. Of course, email is available if you wish to get in touch with me and I haven’t made my mind up yet about youtube…

I would like to say thank you to all of you who have been following, liking, sharing and commenting on my social pages. Who knows what will happen in the coming year, perhaps I will come back to these platforms but for now, they are not the spaces for me.

The call of a more analogue world is strong; ditching the digital is allowing the wild to awaken and rise.

With blessings

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It’s been a wee while since I last wrote a blog post or a pithy meme for social media. Truth be told I had nothing to say or, more accurately, wanted to share. I effectively vanished from the internet (unless you’ve read my mini musings blog posts ) and started closing down my Facebook groups. So here’s what’s been going on behind the scenes:

As I sat in the dark of the moon last month, I was deep in contemplation; absorbing all the messages that I had received during my meditations, the intuitive nudges, the piecing together the seemingly random thoughts and scattered emotions into a tidy, connected and completed puzzle.

The previous lunar cycle to that there last one, had witnessed the release of that which needed to be freed, as well as allowing for the feeling of the sea of emotions that were involved in the process, the ebbs and flows, highs
and lows, deep lows.

It also brought great clarity and vision, interspersed between deep depths of anxiety and loneliness, real feelings of sorrow, self pity and grief, much of which comes when we go within to do the work of the shadow. I made decisions and changes for my long term and immediate future, set wheels in motion and made a commitment to myself which I have only been able to do since I’ve had the time and space to get honest with my truth. And it felt good, it felt right, and only a little scary but that fear was coming from my ego so it got sent packing because it was neither helpful or necessary.

The past month saw me stepping away from the distraction and noise of the online world, I deleted all social apps from my phone and from my desktop so had to log in on the laptop to even use messenger! Why? Because the internet held very little interest for me; I was so  uninspired by it, learning nothing new, and I found it utterly draining and pretty suffocating, depleting my energy levels in an instant.

I’ve used this time to further the growth of my passions, my creativity, my path and journey, deepening of my practice and embracing my values and priorities, living them fully. And none of it has been for the public domain, none of it has been shared, all of what I have been experiencing these past weeks/months has been private.

And I have to confess, I have not missed the interwebs. Sorry, not sorry. And it has lead me to ponder; has this been my lesson in this global pause? Privacy? The need to hold and cherish that which I hold dear, having re-assessed my priorities and direction and purpose?  The fact that I need to always be taking social media sabbaticals recently after spending 13 years on Facebook and 8 on IG dabbling with Twitter inbetween and blogging for 6 years; I have lived on line, publicly, sharing, oversharing, cringing, having ah-ha moments and more.  And the answer is yes, I think I’m done with it, exhausted, spent. (If I’m being honest, this hasn’t been a great surprise to my system.) And in this digital age of global connectivity, I think, for me personally, leaving social media is quite possibly the wildest thing I could do!!!

Will I do it though? That, I’m not 100% sure of. I mean, how can businesses survive, thrive and grow without that connection, plus I have made many a friend/aquaintance via the web, but this lockdown has shown, proven and reminded me that there are ways of connecting that don’t involve a smart phone. Plus the freedom it gives when unplugged has been a medicine to me. 

So in a rather large nutshell, that’s where I’ve been, not online, not holding online circles and not holding space for others; I’ve been unplugged and taking care of and holding space for me and my family.

Where does Wild Sister Rising go from here? The answer is that I don’t quite know!!! Blogging is not as popular as it once was, by a country mile, but its a process I enjoy; do I want to keep all my writing private? Should I delete all social platforms or just use them as the marketing tools they have essential become (I HATE the hustle!). I can’t hold circles until lockdown is lifted and have no desire to hold them online yet, if ever, which had been the initial plan. So I guess I will be figuring this out on the fly and will see what emerges…

In the mean time, I wish you all the health and blessings for you and your family as we each look to the new future and the potential of what it holds for all of us.

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Mini Musings #4

Sitting in the dark of the moon, I am deep in contemplation; absorbing all the messages that I have received during my meditations, the intuitive nudges, the piecing together the seemingly random thoughts and scattered emotions into a tidy, connected and completed puzzle. This last lunar cycle has witnessed the release of that which needed to be freed, as well as feeling the sea of emotion that was involved in the process, the ebbs and flows, highs and lows, deep lows.

This past cycle has brought great clarity and vision, interspersed between deep depths of anxiety and loneliness, real feelings of sorrow, self pity and grief, much of which comes when we go within to do the work of the shadow. I have made decisions and changes for my long term and immediate future, set wheels in motion and made a commitment to myself which I have only been able to do since I’ve had the time and space to get honest with my truth. And it feels good, it feels right, and only a little scary but that fear is coming from my ego so it can go raffle because it’s neither helpful or necessary.

With the Taurean New Moon, I will act upon those changes that I have initiated, calling on the tenacity and stubborn bull of this earth sign to aid in my success. This new lunar cycle will see further growth of my passions, my creativity, my path and journey, deepening of my practice and embracing my values and priorities, living them fully. And none of it is for the public domain, none of it will be shared, just as much of what I have been experiencing these past weeks has been private. The internet holds very little interest for me at the present; I am uninspired by it, learning nothing new, and I find it utterly draining, depleting my energy levels in an instant.

So, I’m signing off for the time being and will resurface when the time feels right.

With love and blessings

Lissa xx

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20 Types of Journals to Keep

Do you journal or keep a diary or datebook or planner? Are you a stationery-a-holic?

Got a selection of beautifully covered or bound notebooks and journals lying empty in your drawers or on shelves waiting to be used but you’re scared to use them in case you spoil them?

It’s time to get them out and put them to use – they are of no use to you sitting in a drawer waiting for the never coming use. They are crying out to be filled out and used. What is more gorgeous that a beautifully covered or bound notebook or journal that is well thumbed, well loved and near to bursting with wee bits of your life over flowing from the pages?

I adore the Travellers Notebook system; 3 or 4 (or sometime 6) notebooks held inside one cover by elastic bands (dreadful description but very practical method of utilising and storing various notebooks in one). I have one TN for my daily planner, which is a very loosely formed bullet journal but not and where I plan my days, weeks, months ahead, keep my goals (long and short term) and also has a notebook for taking any notes or reminders or anything that pops into my head when I am out and about. My 2nd TN is for my journal, my gratitude journal, menstrual tracker and personal/spiritual journey. The 3rd and final TN has my gardening planner, recipe book, and other things. I also have many other notebooks and hardback journals to accommodate my many other needs. It is a very rare day that I am not to be found with a pencil in my hand and a journal in the other! As I mentioned in another post recently, writing and journaling is a huge part of my self care practice.

Ok, so you’ve got the notebook but now what? What are you going to put in it? Here are 20 ideas for you to get you on your merry way:

Dear Diary

A private outpouring of thoughts, emotions, situations experienced during the course of the day.

Morning Pages

The term Morning Pages was created by Julia Cameron in her book The Artist’s Way. It involves writing down a constant stream of consciousness for 3 pages of A4. It may be nonsense that comes out, or lines of repeated “I can’t think of anything to write” or points of sheer brilliance, but it serves as a brain dump of all the thoughts occupying your head space when you first wake. The morning pages are not for anyone else to read, they require no editing or grammar correction and may be discarded or destroyed after writing.

Common Place Book

A permanent record of the every day to keep for future generations. Important dates such as family births, deaths, marriages, starting school/ graduations etc, funny memories, major events, whether local or global with dates and times, favourite family recipes or traditions for birthdays or holidays, even the price of bread and milk on this date! Sort of like a written log time capsule.


A handy way to reduce all the recipe books cluttering your shelves; tear out, photocopy or write out your favourite recipes and keep them in a specific notebook or binder, thus creating a recipe journal specific to you and your tastes. Also record any recipes you have created yourself or have been past down the family line.

Work book notes

If you have any books you are working through, such as self help or spiritual books or any manual/guide books with exercises for you to complete. Keep all your exercise answers in this note book.

Menstrual Tracker

Tracking your menstrual cycle each month from the day you bleed (day 1) until the start of the next cycle. Tracking the full month either as a written record per day or using a mandala to note small points of information and coloured pens to identify the phases of each cycle. Note things such as mood, amount of sleep, heaviness of flow, ovulation, cervical fluid, hormonal fluctuations, eating patterns, amount of water drunk per day, needs, wants, emotions, energy levels, underlying health conditions – any patterns appearing at certain times during the cycle, where your cycle is in relation to the lunar cycle, quality of meditation during the cycle, which astrological sign do you tend to bleed or ovulate in. There is scope for so much to track and explore each and every month and discover more about how your body ebbs and flows in relation to life.

Quotes & Notes

Hearing or seeing quotes that resonate with you either from TV or in a book or magazine or overheard in the supermarket queue. Write them down for future inspiration.

Bullet Journal

Your daily, weekly, monthly calendar in one. Where you can plan and organise every area of your life in minute detail and track your progress. This can be a simple as you like or a complex a process, also as plain and straight forward or as decorative too, depending on your preference.


Can be as simple as writing down at the end of the day 1 thing you are grateful for or starting your day with 10 things you are grateful for. It is helpful when having a bad day to look back over previous entries and lift your own spirits. Gratitude journals are a powerful tool for manifestations, and they teach you to be thankful and live in gratitude.


A notebook to stick any random thoughts that pop into your head through the course of the day – be it for a creative project, something you need to pick up form the shop for your tea tonight, a recipe you’d like to try, a movie that was recommended that you would like to watch or a book to read, a new coffee shop that is opening up, a song you just heard by a band you’ve never heard of. ANYTHING you are likely to forget if you don’t write it down.

Moon Workings

If you follow the lunar cycle and work with the energies then a Moon Journal is key for recording your practice; new moon intentions, full moon releasing, any tarot spreads or meditation messages, record everything then check back and review it at the next phase – again you will establish patterns and is a great tool for following your own progress and journey as well as keeping you accountable.


Home for all your magical notes of all your learnings, whether you keep lists of correspondances, dates for Sabbats, crystal information, incantations, how to cast circles, create sigils, the phases of the moon, different deities- who they are and what they represent and more. It becomes your own reference book for your path.

A Book of Shadows/Book of Mirrors is similar to Grimoire but is for recording your actual magical working and spiritual practice – writing up what you did, how it worked or didn’t as the case may be, can also use for moon work and tarot readings if prefer not to use a separate book.


Keeping a record of all readings, from daily pull of one card, to spreads for moon phases, Sabbats, birthdays, life crossroads queries etc. Keeping a record of readings allows for check back on accuracy and improving skill as well as identifying patterns (particularly if pulling a card each day).


Recording any messages or images you receive during meditation – can be extremely useful to look back on and to review or if needing to remember what came up. Especially useful if get any surprises during meditation.


If you prefer to doodle than scribble, keeping an art journal or sketch book to hand is a great way to get creative. Create a smash journal which is full of bits and pieces you have written, drawn, painted, bus tickets or cinema tickets collected when going about your day – everything and anything can go in a smash book – the only limitation is your imagination.


If you are anything like me and rarely read a book without a pencil in your hand to highlight or scribble notes in the side, then use a notebook to jot down anything that strikes a cord within you from that in which you are reading – this is applicable to fiction and non-fiction alike.

Keep a list of the books you want to read and the books you have read. Record whether you liked or disliked particular books and why.

Bucket lists

Personal bucket lists for the year, for the summer for a milestone birthday deadline. Keep a list of things you want to do and try, places you want to go and start ticking them off and adding more. Create for yourself or a family bucket list or both!


Ooh, you can track anything!!! and everything!!! Go monthly, weekly, daily, annually – it’s entirely up to you. Ideas for trackers could be for fitness, health, wealth, reading, diet, social media use, menstruation, household chores, working towards a goal target, monitoring a health condition, a trial and error experiment, anything!!!


Keep by your bed and wrote as soon as you wake up – especially if a dream wakes you up in the middle of the night. Often reams don’t make sense at the time and are largely forgotten within the first few minutes of waking, so jot down as much detail as you can . Again look for patterns to see if you can identify any messages from your subconscious.


Plans for how you would like your garden to look, what you would like to grow, what kind of soil you have, what grows well, what doesn’t. Timescales for planting and harvesting if growing food, tasks to do by month /season for the garden. Inventory list at the end of autumn of what is needing for winter or for spring. Record the weather by week and how the plants respond – this is great once been using this form of journaling for a year or two or more so can check back over previous years and avoid costly mistakes. Keep seed packets and tape into journal thereby keeping all necessary info together.

Menu Planning

Keeping a menu planner (as well as the recipe book) ensures you are able to plan meals and food shopping ahead of time based on what you and your household enjoys, what is in the cupboards fridge/freezer currently and keeps on track with when last had certain foods so not having the same thing every week or just having pizza again because can’t think what to make for the tea.

Home Education Journey

A lot of people have suddenly found themselves home educating or home schooling (yes, they are different!) their kids due to Covid19 social distancing measures. Keeping a scrap book or a note book of what the children have been doing during their time out of school – not just the work the teachers have sent home or are doing over the internet but the life skills – fill with notes, photos and drawings of the fun things – lego builds, stories and books read or written, cakes baked, meals created, milestones achieved (learned how to work the washing machine and do own laundry for instance), games created, videos recorded and edited, watching and discussing current affairs from the news, and so much more, including notes and observations; when does your child seem more focussed and willing to learn, is it morning or afternoon? Are they hands on learners, visual learners, learn by rote, more willing after a walk around the block? Do you have more than one child and are their learning styles different? Can the older children help their younger siblings – playing at schools is a great way to facilitate learning alongside building forts, playing at shops, using real coins and building lego without the instruction manual, chilling out, relaxing, playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo with your child teaching YOU how to play (yes I have lived that last one in the past few days), record what learning you have done with or from you child – education is very much a 2-way street and lifelong.

I’m sure there are many more uses for notebooks and journals that are lying in wait for your pen. What are you going to use yours for?

With blessings

P.s. Turns out I can’t count… there are actually 22 different journals listed above…

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Mini Musings #3

Self care

How are you looking after yourself during this period of social isolation/distancing?
What practices do you have in place to make sure that you are in the best health to deal with the challenges life is throwing at us?
Me: holding space for myself, focussing on my spiritual practice, meditation and getting a walk through the woods. Basically listening to what it is I need and am feeling. Yep this is how I self care in normal circumstances, alongside journaling the fuck out of life itself.

What it looks like just now for this introvert has been 3 weeks of guilt free social bugger all. Granted the first week I was down with suspected C19, but for the past 2 weeks it has meant that I haven’t needed to be anywhere other than home and that is where I should be! Taking care of me, my family, the world!

In all seriousness, I have even enacted social distancing from social media. This has been necessary for me, my emotional health and my monkey brain. Friends have been checking in via text message or telephone call, which is lovely, we can have a good old blether followed by hanging up or setting phone down without the automatic IG or FB scroll. The constant social noise was simply too much so all socials, including email, were deleted off my phone on Sunday with the plan to be off line for a week, but in truth I may extend it past the weekend. The absolute lack of social interaction has been the biggest gift of self care I have given myself. Now, for someone who practically lives on the internet, you would think that that would/should be causing untold levels of anxiety but it has actually been the exact opposite.

What am I doing with all the internet free time? Mainly reading! Going through my bookshelves and kindle and finishing the half read books; planning out my garden and sowing seeds both in pots and in the fertile soil of my imagination of what the garden will look like once in full bloom and fruit; still meditating and journaling because those are my selfcare practice/ritual/non-negotionables. My timescales have changed, no longer am I setting my alarm to get up at stupid o’clock to get my “me-time”, I now get up when I wake up. Life is without routine currently; I am not running about all over the country taking my 10year old to his groups and meet ups, so I can take time to journal or meditate at any point in the day that it suits.

Holding the space for me and my family to find our way into a new normal, through this period of testing times is where my self care is at. Watching the news and discussing my 10yr old and 78yr old’s questions (multi-generational household), helping them to understand what’s going on and why, as well and keeping them both safe and healthy. Being able to breathe and not feel guilty that I’m not there for everyone else. My business probably won’t thank me for this social distancing measure, but at this moment in time, that’s not my priority.

When I come back online, and I will, I need to know that I can be there for those who need m to be, but until then, I need to focus on caring for this one and know that that is okay.

With love and blessings

Lissa xx

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Mini Musings #2

How are you feeling today?

I haven’t experienced any panic or anxiety about the pandemic but instead find that I am channeling more anger and frustration. Particularly around some folk’s sense of “entitlement” and “I’m OK Jack” mindset. It’s not OK and that’s where I find my energy is being directed, and vocally too!

Despite the strict social distancing measures placed upon the country to help us all, to save lives and to protect the vulnerable, some people are still flouting the measures. It is impossible to call it willful ignorance, no-one can avoid the daily drenching of information and breaking news, even if it is only a trickle! It’s pure and utter willful fucking selfishness.

I have been in a particular supermarket recently and both times I went in, I had to tell different members of staff to back the fuck off out of my personal space. Why is it so difficult?

My husband works in a frontline industry and a few of his colleagues there are also showing difficulties in understanding the concept of 2m distance and working independently. It actually gives me the rage.

As I mentioned, my go-to emotion surrounding the whole pandemic has been frustration and anger (generally around other people’s selfish behaviours) rather than anxiety about the state of affairs and I’ve been thinking about why. The conclusion I’ve come to is that I’m angry with myself. I didn’t take the initial threats seriously when the virus was spreading through China and even glibbly commented “calm down, you’re more likely to get cancer than corona”. Oh how that bit me on the arse! I was the first of my group of friends to take the virus! More people are still dying from cancer and poverty ever day than from covid-19, however, the reality is that even more people will now do so as resources are stretched to the limit dealing with the aforementioned cancers and all other illnesses with covid-19 now piling on top and its all a matter of priority.

I’m frustrated because this “thing” is outwith our control, outwith my control. I’m frustrated and annoyed with initial government inaction, frustrated and angry that we don’t have the resources to properly equip our medical people, frustrated and thoroughly pissed off at all the Tory voters who have continued to vote for governance that has sold and scaled back the NHS to the point of breaking had the audacity to stand and clap for the NHS workers the other evening.

But I also know that sitting stewing in my own juices helps no-one, myself included! So instead I’m focussing on what I can control and what I can do; keep my own family safe and well, calling my parents daily to chat and my son video calls his friends and cousins to stay intouch, I take my daily walk, observing the distancing measures if others are approaching, and keep the wee bottle of hand sanitiser in my bag at all times.

Minding my own business when the neighbour invites the other neighbour’s kid over to play is a challenge though I have to admit. I did rather than lose my shit, ranting about it in our kitchen when that actually happened, resulting in my kid suggesting I need anger management classes – oops!

I am not the police and won’t police my community but I do reserve the right to call out those behaving irresponsibly or like entitled twats, even if it is just to myself!

With love and blessings

Lissa xx

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Mini Musings #1

Suspected Coronavirus and recovery

As the number of positive cases of Coronavirus /Covid19 soar across the globe, we are being updated by the hour with statistics of how many have it and how many have died. But where are the statistics on the number of people who have the virus but have never been tested? How many people have had it already and have come through the other side? Those are the real figures and statistics that we need to add a healthy dose of realism to the pandemic. The stories that give people hope when the news is full of death and despair. These are the figures and statistics we will never get. Dr Catherine Calderwood, Chief Medical Officer in Scotland estimated last week that 65,000 people in Scotland could have the virus at that point in time, but since people are self isolating, there is no accurate record.

I believe I am one such (non)statistic.

It began with a head ache on the evening of Wednesday 11th March. On the Thursday morning I could barely get out of bed; every joint and muscle in my body ached, I was running a fever and had a bone deep fatigue that I’ve never before experienced. To bed I went and slept and rested. This was followed the following day with raised glands in my throat/neck and swollen tonsils. The symptoms remained for 6 days. Twice I thought I was on the mend, got up, did some housework and twice I was slapped back down by the virus and returned to my bed. Never once did I have a cough nor any difficulty breathing. It felt like the flu I had when I was 14; in bed for a week and missed my exams at school. On Day 8 had I still be symptomatic, I would have called NHS111 but I have made a full recovery and am well. The only lingering thing I have is 1 slightly swollen tonsil and an achey gland on that same side but they can take 2-3 weeks to subside (thank you google).

There was no call to NHS111 or to my GP as per the guidelines provided. There is no record of this illness/virus on my medical file. No-one knows I was ill apart from family and those to whom I told ( it was on my instagram stories too). And I won’t be the only one. In the 2 weeks that have past since I recovered I know of 4 friends, scattered across the Central Belt, who have been symptomatic, members of extended family too, experiencing worse or less cases than I had. I had a mild dose by all accounts.

I am sharing this today because I know it is scary out there when watching the constant Breaking News on TV or online, there is no hiding from the updates, but I wanted to gently remind people that there are far, far more people who will take the virus and who will come through it as they would most other viruses or bugs, with varying degrees of severity but not everyone will become a statistic on the news.

Sadly some people will not be as lucky as I was, a friend has lost a close relative to the virus already. Too many people have indeed lost their lives to Covid19, and I doubt that many of us will emerge from the situation untouched by C19.

It is not my intention to diminish real fears and concerns for the health of our loved ones and ourselves, my intention is as I said at the top of this wee ramble, that I want to share a positive recovery , which most cases will result in, during a most terrible time that we are all facing together.

With love and blessings

Lissa xx

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Journal Prompts

Do you keep a journal?

I have for years, since I was about 12 and received my first leather 5 year diary with a little clasp at the front. Some years I have been very detailed in my entries and others, well, to describe my written entries as “sparse” would be generous. Certainly in the past 5 years, daily journaling has been not only my ritual in self care but also my medicine.

Journaling is a very therapeutic exercise for me personally, where I find it easier to offload onto paper than out loud to another person. Once my thoughts are out, I can let them go. Once they are on the page I can begin to work through them like a puzzle to solve or an idea to develop and grow. It is an incredibly freeing and private way to collect myself.

But sometimes a block can come up and the ideas dry up or something happens that causes a phase of second guessing myself or challenges a previous view. In these times I have found journal prompts to be helpful for jump starting my thoughts and getting me thinking and creating again.

So, I am sharing some journal prompts that I have used recently and some that may help or assist you as we navigate these uncertain times, to ease any anxiety or think about the future.

Journal Prompts

  • How am I feeling, right now?
  • Where in my body am I feeling and holding my emotions?
  • What is one thing I can do today to ease any anxiety or tension?
  • What am I grateful for right now?
  • What 10 things am I grateful for today?
  • Where is the silver lining in my situation?
  • If I could live my ideal day tomorrow, what would that look like?
  • What are my non negotiable values?
  • Why are my values, my values – where did I learn and accept them as such?
  • How have I changed in the past 2 weeks?
  • What have I learned in the past month?
  • If I could change one thing in my life what would it be?
  • What single task could I tackle today that would effect that change (from above prompt)?
  • What habit would I most like to start and why?
  • Who or what am I most inspired by?
  • One thing I will never regret is … because …
  • What do I to forgive myself for?
  • What am I excited about?
  • What am I looking forward to most once this period of Social Distancing is over?
  • What am I learning about myself in this period of Social Distancing?
  • If I could imagine a different world, what would it look like?
  • What one thing could I do it make or be the change I would like to see in the new world?

Let me know if you have found these useful or if you want to share your own prompts in the comments below.

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Social Connection from Afar

Social Distancing – the catchphrase of the past week, especially over the past weekend! A seemingly straight forward construct but incredibly difficult to enforce and adhere to. Staying away from family members and friends, missing out on social gatherings such as birthday parties and Mother’s Day, schools and colleges closed indefinitely with looked-forwards-to graduations no longer taking place, holidays been cancelled and pubs, cinemas, restaurants also closing their doors. Small businesses closing down, sporting events cancelled and any gatherings where we can’t be more than 2m away from the next person are no a no-go situation.

For the introvert in me, this is not a chore but a unique period of time where I can indulge my need for solitude without the guilt. BUT for many people this enforced isolation is not a happy place to be and can have a real detrimental affect on their mental health and general well being. And what about members of our communities who are already living at a distance from others, such as elderly or vulnerable people?

From the powers of the interwebs, I have noticed a number of people are already bored (!) having to find stuff to do at home. Being content in our own homes is not an easy ask for all. So, I have some ideas to help ease the boredom and help us to stay connected despite the distance.


  • Who remembers being in school all day but still spending 2 hours on the phone in the evening chatting to friends? Not texting or face-timing but proper lengthy telephone conversations. Go old school and get on the phone, lying sprawled out on the floor, 1990’s stylee if you want, but this time the calls are free from our mobile rather and we won’t get shouted at from mum to get off the phone and running up the bill!
  • If just chatting is too “last century, darling” then get connected with WhatsApp, Skype, Facetime and stay intouch that way – the key thing is keeping in contact with those you don’t live with. Make technology work for you.
  • If your older family members can use their smart phone, ask the grandparents to read your kids their bed time story using facetime or even just reading it down the phone.


  • Go proper old old school and write letters – 2 fold, eases boredom and keep you connected! Plus, how lovely is it to receive a letter that isn’t a bill!? I used to have loads of penpals as a teenager and loved it. Encourage your kids to write to their grandparents, or make cards and send them. Even make your own envelopes and decorate them too. Explore your creativity and then share it with someone you love and make their day.
  • If your kids are bored, create secret code and leave messages for each other round the house on Post-its.

Old fashioned but fun

  • If your kid’s pals are in reach (ie in the same street) use walkie talkies to chat or Morse Code by torch light from their windows. (I might be getting all Famous Five on myself here!!)
  • If and when you are out – travelling to work or collecting essential food items/medicine, you don’t have to ignore people, a smile or a nod is far reaching, a small acknowledgement of the other person in a respectful non-virus spreading way


  • If Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp are your choice of communicaion, set up group chats / video and have a bookclub, a virtual come dine with me (you can work out the logistics yourself on that one), an at home pub quiz, pick a season on Netflix or Prime and discuss the episodes together each week ie Outlander (not diggin series 5, sorry folks…), if you play an instrument, set up a group with other musicians and create a jammin session or orchestra.

At home

  • In some homes, the people who live there are not always communicating and connecting, with different people having different routines and timescales; (re)introduce family dinning, and set the table, eat and chat together, get to know each other again.
  • Perhaps do a puzzle together – you never truly know someone until you try to do a jigsaw with them! If a puzzle is going to get you thrown in jail, maybe a board game or cards or dominoes is more family friendly.
  • Connect with your younger self and get out your old cds or LPs and listen to them start to finish and enjoy them. Look at, read and appreciate the artwork on the sleeves and remember what it was like before we could stream all the music all the time.

What I’m suggesting is only the start – there are endless ways of staying in touch and amused during the crises we face. And on the matter of boredom, if your kids are bored, GOOD!! Boredom is the best place to spark creativity – let the kids be bored because only they can get “unbored” by themselves; it’s a life skill lost to many adults and young people alike in this modern instant gratification world.

Stay well, stay healthy and stay in touch with each other.

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Alder Moon

It is a much debated, debunked and reproven  calendar system that may or may not have preceded the Julian variety in Celtic lands. The year is broken down into 13 months/moons each named after an indigenous tree, the first being Birch, symbolising new beginnings.
The forth moon is Alder (Fearn), symbolising balance and rebirth.
Of course depending on which calendar you follow this month will be Alder or March, and this new moon will be the third new moon (of 2020), the firth new moon (of the Ogham calendar) or the fifth moon (if following the year from the old pagan ways which Samahin/Samhuinn being the new year marker.)

Ash Moon ~ 18th March – 14th April

In Celtic mythology, the Alder (Fearn)  is all about balance; the balance of duality, masculine and feminine energy and principles. It is ruled by and grows near water (feminine) yet has strong links to war, particularly in Welsh Mythology concerning the Battle of the Trees (masculine). It bridges the worlds above and below. The rebirth and return of Spring is symbolised by Alder as well and both healing and protection, resurrection and transformation.

The correspondances associated with Alder are:

  • The deities Freya and Branwen as well as the Fae
  • The number 4
  • The colours pale green and true red
  • Rubies
  • The letters F and V
  • The planets Mars and Venus
  • Energy represented is Challenging
  • Animals : Hawk
  • Balanced in both the Feminine & Masculine
  • The Elements Water and Fire

What to do in the month (moonth) of Alder :

  • Gather the bark and leaves this month to make healing decoctions.
  • Work on banishing spells.
  • Spend time in the garden, tending to any plants (edible or decorative) for growing this season.
  • Perfect time to work personal magic focussing on divination, intuition and making deeply spiritual decisions and choices.
  • Make a whistle from the shoots of an Adler to cal upon the Air Spirits, or if you are so inclined, make a flute!
  • Make charms for Feary magic with Alder flowers and twigs
  • Create a stave or Ogham stick from an Alder twig