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Awaken Your Wild You

Awaken your wild you. How does that sentence make you feel? Excited? Scared? Meh? And why is that? Do you have an inner Wild lying in wait for her time? (psst, yes you do!)

Dear Wild Sister

Are you asleep, coming to, awake? Not you as you are, but your inner you, your inner Wild.

Deep in REM sleep your inner Wild is dreaming of the new dawn; untamed, sovereign and free. Free to be honest and raw, authentic without shame or fear, not clipped by conditioning. This sleep has been long, going back through the generations from you to your mother, your grandmother, right along the red thread that connects heart and womb back through time, through the burning times, the crusades to the rise of patriarchy and the Abrahamic religions with their one masculine God. She remembers when she was revered and respected for her wisdom and knowing, her connection with the Great Mother, the power of her blood and the community of sisters. She is dreaming of being allowed to be and is growing evermore restless. She is no longer held in that state of deep comfortable sleep. Her body temperature is rising and her heart beat is quickening. She is stirring.

Wakey wakey, rise and shine!

Awaken your wild you. How does that sentence make you feel? Excited? Scared? Meh? And why is that? Do you have an inner Wild lying in wait for her time? (psst, yes you do!)

This is your invitation to seek her out, go within to meet her, understand her and awaken to the fullness and completeness of you.

Take the time to question everything you know, believe, value and trust; where did you learn these things, how did you come to understand them, do they still fit with who you are now or who you are becoming? What does Wild even mean or look like to you?

Break it all down. Analyse it. Question it. Be discerning.

You won’t find the answers online or in a book, but only from opening your your mind, heart and intuition; awakening your inner Wild. That advice includes when you read or hear my words too – please question them all and learn to judge for yourself what feels right or makes sense and discard the rest.

What that will look like will differ for each and every one of us on this earth. As it should. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable as you face truths that may hurt, offend people that don’t honour or respect your boundaries (do they even know what your boundaries are? Have you told them or shown them? ), reject belief systems you have grown up with or have always had but never really thought about, until now. Have you outgrown your life style? Do you crave more of that thing that lights you up, and less of that which depletes you? Get ready to feel nervous and excited, possibly giddy with anticipation of honouring your truest self.

What does your inner Wild want and need? How does she feel currently? Why? She certainly doesn’t need permission.

For me, a big part of my Wild awakening was to reject social norms and expectations of sharing my life with the world and instead holding my privacy sacred. Reclaiming my personal business for myself. Creating space to breathe, evolve, grow, spiral, develop, fail and learn. That space is invaluable real estate.

I have stripped everything back over these past few months. My curious nature has had a field day questioning everything; beliefs and practices, friendships and relationships, politics, work and career, what truly brings joy, values, dreams, desires and opinions and quite frankly, nothing looks like it did. So much bullshit had accumulated, proper care had been neglected, attention and focus spread too far and thin and health was in poor shape. Where had my Wild gone?

Unplugging and reconnecting with what is real has been an enormous gift. Slowing down the pace of life has been a medicine. Shedding the unnecessary and outgrown (without residual remorse). My thoughts are mine, my creativity is mine, the distinct lack of comparison is a breath of fresh air. Conversations, either face to face (now that we are allowed again) or on the telephone, are deeper and richer, spending the time listening and sharing in the emotions of the moments together. Redesigning and reshaping life to suit where we are now, as me and as a family.

A timely wake up call in the shape of the Covid19 lockdown has been the catalyst to remembering and resuscitating my inner Wild. She is free, sovereign and alive.

The alarm clock is ringing. Is your inner Wild ready to awaken and rise or hit the snooze?

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