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Are you familiar with the Ogham Celtic Calendar? (Pronounced Oh-am) It is a much debated, debunked and reproven calendar system that may or may not have preceded the Julian variety in Celtic lands. The year is broken down into 13 months/moons each named after an indigenous tree, the first being Birch, symbolising new beginnings. The second moon is Rowan, symbolising the strengthening of your resolve and nurturing those dreams, which is where we now find ourselves.

Rowan Moon ~ 21st January – 17th February.

In Celtic mythology, the Rowan is also known as Mountain Ash or Witchwood and is the tree of wisdom and protection. It is also associated with personal power, dreams, vision, mystery, magic, tenacity, healing, astral travel, perseverance and transformation.The correspondances associated with Rowan are:

  • The Triple Goddess Brigid
  • The number 2
  • The colour white
  • Protection against unwanted spirits
  • Personal growth; tapping into your intuition to create your desired dreams
  • The pentacle – the bottom of each red berry takes the form of the pentacle
  • Peridot and smokey quartz
  • The letter L
  • Quickening energy
  • Flower : Snowdrop
  • Animals : Duck, Unicorn, Bear
  • Feminine
  • Dragons and Elves
  • The Elements of Earth and Fire
  • Unlucky to chop down a Rowan

What to do in the month (moonth) of Rowan :

  • Celebrate the cross quarter fire festival of Imbolc
  • Begin your Spring cleaning
  • Dedicate/ rededicate yourself or be initiated in to your chosen path, under a Rowan tree
  • Make a wish when you spot a snowdrop
  • Make your own butter and bake scones with the butter milk (and of course spread he butter on the warm scones with jam – rowan berry jam is delish!)
  • Enjoy the Rowan berry wine made from the berries in the previous Autumn
  • Make a talisman or charm to keep about your person from a twig from a Rowan Tree
  • Create a stave or Ogham stick from a Rowan twig

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