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The third moon of the Ogham Celtic Calendar is Ash (Nuin), symbolising influence and light of the World Tree, which is where we now find ourselves.
Of course depending on which calendar you follow this month will be Ash or February, and this new moon will be the second new moon (of 2020), the third new moon (of the Ogham calendar) or the forth moon (if following the year from the old pagan ways which Samahin/Samhuinn being the new year marker.)

Ash Moon ~ 18th February – 17th March

In Celtic mythology, the Ash is also known as the tree of enchantment and transformation. It is also associated with healing, prophesy, divination and intuition.

The correspondances associated with Ash are:

The deities Minerva, Oestre, Frigg, Nemesis

The number 3

The colours pale blue and white

Turquoise and Lepidolite

The letter N

Healing energy

Animals : Unicorn

Balanced in both the Feminine & Masculine

The Elements of Fire and Water

What to do in the month (moonth) of Ash :

Make broom/besom – the handle is made from Ash wood

Use the tender tops of Ash leaves to make a detox tea to cleanse the liver and spleen and strengthen the immune system.

Deepen your Spring cleaning – get really thorough!

Consider your personal transformation of self or space, physically or spiritually

Spend time outside

Make a healing wand from an Ash branch/twig

Perfect time to work personal magic focussing on your inner self.

Place an Ash leaf under your pillow to induce prophetic dreams

Make a talisman or charm to keep about your person from a twig from an Ash tree to repel toxic people

Create a stave or Ogham stick from an Ash twig

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