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What Do You Seek?

When you are on Facebook and go to my page, or on Instagram and are curious to see my grid, or arrive at this website via a blog post, what it is you are seeking?

When you see one of my circles or workshops advertised, what draws you into find out more or book your space?

What do you get or hope to get from Wild Sister Rising?

So many question so early in the morning!

I have spent a fair wee bit of time recently offline and reconnecting with myself and my needs and what I can offer and what I want to be able to offer to you. And to make it work I need to know that we are in alignment.

So if it is ok with your good self, I have a few more questions… and would be enormously grateful for your thoughts on what it is you seek when you arrive at one of my pages, online spaces or in-person events around my travelling hearth.

Firstly, is blogging dead? I personally love a good blog post that I sit, read and digest with a cuppa, not dissimilar to sitting down to read a chapter in a book, but in the busyness of modern day living and the fast pacing of everything, memes and a pithy comment seem to be more attractive. Do you still read blogs?

Social Media interactions – are Facebook groups worth your time and if so, what keeps you coming back or leaving? How can you get more more from private groups? Are live videos or videos in general more engaging that the written word?

Circles – how often do you think you would attend a circle, or can you not get to a circle but would like to? Would live circles work better, where you can participate from the comfort and ease of your home? (I mean specific live circles, NOT recording the in person ones).

Workshops – are there any specific workshops you would like to see happen or are interested in finding out more about?

In a rather large nutshell, I basically am asking how I can serve you better and provide what it is you seek.

2020 is going to be a big year, I can feel it, lots of shifting energies and awakenings happening. If we work together and help each other to rise and be /do our best with and for each other, beautiful and seismic changes cannot help but to come to fruition.

Thank you for your time and thoughts on my wonderings.

Love and blessings

Lissa xx

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