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Wild Sister Rising

Do you have a purpose?

As in a life purpose?

Do you have a calling?

Been called to fullfil your purpose or life’s work?

Or are you a bit like me?

Have no bloody clue about why you are here and what you are doing?

I know I definitely have not found my purpose as yet.  My varied and not very exciting “career” choices and jobs were certainly no calling, rather financial incentives to save for some short sighted goals.

Being a mother is not my life’s purpose either.  Mothering doesn’t come as naturally as one might expect, especially the gentle parenting ethos I aspire to.  It’s a tough gig. Yes, it is rewarding on so many levels and I am lucky to have an awesome kid (even on the days where I have to remind myself of that), but I am so much more and need so much more than the role of “Mum”.

The self development area has always piqued my interest but recently (as in over the past 18 months or so), I have been getting down with some real soul searching;  devouring books of interest on topics such as happiness, finding purpose or peace, embracing imperfection and creating the life desired as well as books on spirituality and women.  This has not been limited to books as I have made use of our Netflix subscription with their documentaries and my earbuds are constantly plugged in while I’m doing the dishes/household chores and listening to Youtube videos and podcasts with inspirational people.

What I am finding, the deeper down the rabbit hole I go, is that the more I read and hear, all the more I want to read and hear and discover.  I am increasingly drawn to and feeling called to the rise of the (divine) female energy and female archetypes, our cyclic nature and its attunement to the lunar cycles (always been fascinated by that though and how my cycles were in sync with friends’ too) and honouring that feminine power; the wise woman, the wild woman, the witch.


With all the information I am downloading, either on paper or in my head, I want to shout out to every woman I know “do you know this stuff?” It’s amazing! I want to share my findings, (in a non-preachy, non-crazy-lady fashion) to reach out and  connect with gals who “get” this or would “get this” if they knew. Do you know what I mean?

I’m completely immersing myself in the ancient knowledge, absorbing it all. It feels right. A home coming of sorts.  Is my purpose to be found in amongst all this womanly wisdom and She power? I have no idea but am certainly enjoying the journey and excited to see where it takes me.

Photo taken from Rebecca Campbell’s book, Rise Sister Rise


4 thoughts on “Wild Sister Rising

  1. I totally get this. Maybe we reach a certain age and start to look inwards? Have you come across annapurna living? It’s a really nice site with some interesting reading. Also check out she of the wilds brought to you by the very lively claire. She’s started a kundalini yoga class and does full moon gatherings which I still haven’t managed to attend, but plan to once my youngest can do without me for a few hours. I’ve been reading (or listening) to lots too and really like marianne Williamson, Elizabeth Gilbert and brene Brown, to name a few. What we need is a women’s circle get together x

    1. Hi Pamela,
      Yes I follow Annapurna Living and Carrie Ann Moss, but not familiar with She of the Wilds (will remedy that immediately). Do you follow Liz DiAlto (Wild Soul Women [untame yourself]) ? Her podcasts are phenomenal!
      Yes Yes Yes – we absolutely need a circle, I can think of 4 others we mutually know off the top of my head who would be totally onboard with this <3

      1. I haven’t heard of Liz Dial so off to remedy that now 😄

  2. Lively is lovely

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