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It’s February

It’s February
The Cailleach has passed over
But her legacy still lingers.
Winter’s ice, snow and raw temperatures
Nipping at your fingers.
The Maiden has returned
With the first shoots of Spring.
The ground is still frozen
But underneath, nature starts to sing.
The celebration of Imbolc;
A focus on rebirth and renewal.
The  fire festival honoured
With an amethyst jewel.
The nights are drawing out
Each day longer in the light.
Snowdrops and crocuses popping through
Are a truly welcome sight.
Hearts, roses, chocolate, St Valentine;
What modern February is about.
An expensive declaration of undying love
In a capitalist culture, have no doubt.
From Roman mythology, Mars’ mother,
Juno Februa, gave to this month, her name.
The goddess of fertility and  purification,
Patroness of passion; the love game.
Hibernation is ending,
Draw in that new breath, fresh and deep.
Feel the transition and see the possibilities
Be alive and awake, not asleep.
Rowan brought the month in
With old wisdom and protection.
Handing over now to Ash
To ascend into Spring, sealing  the connection.
Lissa 13.02.15
Another of my poems from a couple of years ago.

2 thoughts on “It’s February

  1. I love it Lissa! Xx

    1. Thank you Cecile x

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