January 2017

If January kalends be summerly gay
Twill be winterly weather til the kalends of May.


The view from the front door on New Year’s morning

With the old folklore in mind, it looks set to be a chilly spring then!

I must be getting old, as the month of January flew by and we are well into February already. How and when did that happen??? The increasing speed in which time passes is only recognised by older folk, isn’t it? Anyhoos, it may have been 6 weeks since Christmas (already!), but the 31 days that were January were well spent, unrushed and for the most part, fairly relaxed. A gentle month to combat the busy madness of the previous.

What did our month look like?


The first month of 2017 saw us waiting patiently for the chicken pox due to both of my nephews taking the virus. Our patience was “rewarded” with the eventual outbreak of the pox, which I am glad (A) has taken; it’s a childhood right of passage, right? He also had a rather nasty sickness bug the week prior to the pox, which resulted in a call to NHS24 for advice but thankfully it was gone within 24 hours.

The rest of the month was predominantly focused on eating and reading it would seem. A magazine subscription to The Simple Things which is just lush, and reading books from Christmas and the library instead of reading my phone (I made the decision the delete Facebook and email from my smart phone – it has freed up so much time for reading books).

My slow cooker has been getting plenty of use too, lots of hearty grub and soups. I have been planning our meals out in advance and shopping accordingly, in an  effort to both eat well and save some much needed £££.

It has been really cold and damp outside, not exactly a surprise what with it being January and all, but I unfortunately have a very disappointed 6yo, who is completely unimpressed with the complete lack of snow.One flurry filled morning leaving a mere dusting of the white stuff does NOT count as snow. There was one day with epic fog though. Its the small things… such as bedtime Ovaltine – who knew it was so good?

And while the house still has to get tidied and kept in some sort of semblance of order, I have found that listening to Youtube videos, podcasts and Desert Island Discs makes the chores far more enjoyable.

Incorporating new daily tasks into my usual routine (who am I kidding) morning, to try and make life a little simpler and to ensure I have time for me too – such as making the date to go for a coffee with a friend, without our kids and actually have time for a good blether – has actually made a bigger difference that I had expected it to. I have found I am procrastinating far less and achieving far more. Very satisfactory.


There has been a whole heap of learning taking place over the past month, both for (A) and myself.

With our Home Ed Club we have been to the woods, the beach, soft play and found out more about North America. We have met up for play dates both indoors at a friend’s home and outside Pokemon Go-ing as well as swimming. We’ve been to the library twice, and the allotment, plus discovered the local museum had a 3rd floor FULL of local history through the ages which was utterly fantastic – how did I not know this was here? (A) has learned how to make bath bombs, been experimenting with science and started a project on the Ice Age and took part in the RSPB’s big Garden Bird Watch.

I have been getting to know my new tarot deck that Hubby and (A) gifted me at Christmas. Drawing a daily card, learning about the different cards and spreads and journaling my findings. Although I have followed the cycle of the moon for years, I am now learning and journaling about the movements of the planets and astrological signs as they move with the lunar cycle. It’s fascinating stuff. So too has been keeping a dream journal. It amazes me how closely linked my dreams and tarot cards are showing themselves to be. Part of the learning process here is the learning/training myself to be focussed on creating these new daily habits. What has helped with establishing these new rhythms and routines to the flow of my mornings has been relooking at planning. I tried the bullet journal method last year but it was short lived, I really wasn’t feeling it.  I stumbled upon The Planner Perfect Method, created by Jenny Penton and using a travellors notebook, and am now planning my time far better than was previously. It’s not perfect, or rather, I am not perfect and am tweaking it as I go along to make it a perfect fit for me and my lifestyle, but so far so good. I’m learning new habits and stuff that actually interests me.



To be perfectly frank, the main thing that has grown in the past 31 days, has been our collective household wasitlines! This is due to our hibernate mentality and the need for proper sustenance and that extra winter layer to keep us warm. That can only be achieved by baking. Honestly, it really works. We have been baking once or twice a week all month  and it has been divine. Sadly, my jeans don’t agree. But I simply refuse to diet. Especially in January.

(A) has grown in his kitchen confidence and created his own recipe for “Frozen Berry Bread” which went in to the oven looking like sludgy grey cement due to the blueberries, but came out absolutely delicious. His writing skills have also taken a leap. Previously he hated writing, but  this month he has written a thank you note to his Aunt for his Christmas present, written the title of his ice ge project and subsequent notes, created and wrote out the recipe for the bread and left me an “I love you” note. Drawing pictures of Pokemon characters and writing their names next to them became a daily occurance. Turns out that writing has to have a purpose for it to happen. Just like most other things in this learning journey, it clicks into place when he’s ready. We have been reading the Harry Potter books for some time now, almost coming to the end of the 4th book. He got a kindle at Christmas and has since downloaded all the Harry Potter stories to it. I found him reading the first one, by himself and enquired as to why he was reading the first one when we were on the 4th, “Because YOU read me the stories, I want to read them by myself now”. (My heart is singing, I have to say.)

My personal growth (apart from my burgeoning waistline) has been in continuing down the path of minimising clutter and crap: I am dedicating this year to reading all the unread and half read books on my bookshelves. I picked 2 books I had previously started and never finished, and if I got to the end of the month and still hadn’t read or found my self wanting to read it, then they/it had to go. Off went The Life Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F*ck. It found a home with a friend. I hope she enjoys it. I liked it but didn’t finish it and when I picked it up the few times over the month I couldn’t maintain any interest. So, cheerio. The other book I am still reading so it got to stay.

Not much growth on the allotment front. January was more a time of prepping and tidying. It’s  very quiet period on the plot, only ever saw 1 other person when we have been there. I fully expect this to change in the coming weeks.

So that was January. The Wheel of the Year turns as we welcome Imbolc and the coming of February. A change is afoot. I can feel it.

Ring out the old
Ring in the new
Ring out the false
Ring in the true.


2 thoughts on “January 2017

  1. Enjoyed reading this, Lissa. I must say you have a knack for giving be some ‘get up and go’ when I read your stuff.
    De-cluttering is constant here and for me, one of the most positive things I can do to help my mental wellbeing

    Liked by 1 person

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