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A Fresh Page


The bells on Jools Holland’s Hootenanny rang out 12 midnight. (A) opened the back door to release 2016 as I opened the front door, to welcome in 2017, (A) ran through and hollered “Happy New Year!”

And that was how we brought in the new year at my MIL’s. It was a quiet hogmanay, just the 3 of us (Hubby was working nightshift), but it was quite lovely. Polar bears, Cluedo, dominoes and hangman accompanied popcorn, pretzels and shortbread. After calling Hubby at work to wish him “Happy New Year”, we were in our beds by 12.45am.

Prior to the bells, I had made my plans and laid out my intentions for the coming year, choosing the word purpose as my “word of the year” to focus on. To live with purpose and intent, focusing on slowing down and joyful simplicity. This starts with a real presence in the now and a greater distance from the cyber world. I culled my Facebook and Twitter “friends” this time last year (without any regret since) and have begun to do so again this year, starting with Instagram. I have made my account private and begun to block people that I have absolutely no idea who they are or have any connection with – it’s not personal, I just don’t know them and no longer wish to share my pics. I also have said goodbye to hashtags; I don’t need them as not looking to attract followers and like for my pictures.  This is not a monetary blog, more an online diary of the growth of my family, or rather, it will be once I begin writing again. So it was rather fitting this morning when the first text of 2017 I received was from O2 telling me that I had used 100% of my data 2 weeks into my monthly allowance. I refuse to buy any more so am effectively starting the year as I mean to go on, not with my head bent over my phone, just checking.

Many people dislike January as it is bleak and dull, but I love it. It is barren and grey and cold; it is the calm to balance the noise and flurry of December, it is the reset button. A fresh page upon which to write your story. It is not a “new year new me” point but instead, a point to reset and deliberately, with purpose, write your story; the best story.

So hello January, and welcome. Now, let’s do this!


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