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2016 Over and Out


It’s been a fair wee while since I last updated my blog,and I can’t quite believe it is now Hogmanay and we are about to delve into a new year with all that it holds.

Generally at this time of year  like to reflect on the 12 months just passed before making plans (sometimes resolutions) for the coming 12. A taking stock of sorts.  As I sit reminiscing about 2016, I find myself struggling to find many positives from 2016.  Not because of the seemingly higher number of deaths of prominent figures than in previous years; not because of the result of Brexit or the US presidential elections, but because the latter part of the year saw the increased deterioration in the health of my Father-In-Law, before he gave me one last wave under the light of the full moon before stepping onto that rainbow in mid November.

So to my old blog to see where I started this year, to my first post of 2016 and realising that it is still as relevant as it was a year ago. I started out looking to retreat a bit, find peace and live a slower more personal and connected life.  It seems to have worked to some degree, I guess. As I recall there was nothing major to jump up and down about, life just trundled along, we played in the snow (for 1 whole day…), we planned a holiday and cancelled it, I had a low key but lovely birthday, Hubby has a similarly chill but fab 40th. Much of 2016 has been spent baking and reading (2 things I love) and spending quality time with family and friends alike. Embracing hygge.  With (A)’s home ed clubs we have shared many great days playing, learning and going on various trips, including a camping weekend. I have watched him grow and develop, followed where his interests and character are taking him. We have had an old wish of many years granted when we got our allotment. I started this new blog to chart our journey.

Then November happened. And the loss to our family is a great one. My FIL was, as Hubby called him, an enigma. We didn’t always agree on matters (politics, society and such) but there was a respect for each other and a love that I will always cherish. He was wise, loving, crabbit, opinionated, sexist, intelligent, kind, reliable, sarcastic, could tell a story like no other and completely irreplaceable. Loved and missed.

My wedding day with Father-In-Law, 2007

And yet, everything that followed has been pretty damn positive, weirdly.  My Mother-In-Law is an incredible woman. She has a strength and attitude that I admire greatly. In the weeks since my FIL’s death, we have become an even closer unit, our wee family of 3 is very much now a 4piece. The festive period was still incredibly festive, perhaps, I dare say, even more so than it has been in previous years. My MIL joined us on our annual Xmas jaunt through to the Christmas Market in Edinburgh, I took her for her 75th birthday to a very special afternoon tea in a 5* hotel followed by cocktails, she joined us for our Yule celebrations and Christmas day was as laid back and chill as I have known, with fillet steaks instead of traditional turkey. (Oh, yeh, I went back to eating meat recently after more than a year of being vegetarian again)


As we look to the future, to the new year, my FIL’s legacy can be felt (particularly by Hubby) when we consider our priorities, dreams and desires.

So with that in mind, I am signing off now to finish redding the hoose and to make my plans for 2017, and bid everyone a very Happy New Year when it comes. Lang may yur lum reek!

Rise up, auld wife, and shake yer feathers,
Dinnae think that we are beggars,
We’re jist some bairns come oot tae play,
Rise up and gie us oor Hogmanay



Lissa x

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