Sum It Up Sunday #5



Well, it’s been a week. Of course it has, but a couple of days within that week have been rather chaotic…’


  • Burst toe. A play in the park with his cousins, sans shoes (as usual) met with an abrupt end, or more specifically, a rogue rock in the grass. A bandaged dressing, changed twice, healing rather splendidly, so much so that shoes were no longer a requirement again two days later.
  • Home made pizza, nuff said
  • Sunday. Dear god (s). Sunday! The washing machine sprang a leak, flooded the kitchen, ripped up the lino (floor underneath was SOAKING!), had the heating up full – in August – which actually worked and surprising dried the floor. Then the wind took hold and flattened my only thriving, but as yet unblooming, sunflower. Flattened. Including the bamboo cane which was meant to support it. I am not going to be beat by some wind – the plant is now trussed up with string and bound to the fence. I will have a sunflower in my garden, even if it takes until the end of Autumn until it flowers. So I broke a match – couldn’t take another “thing” happening on Sunday.


  • New Word Wednesday – Heuristic – it’s how we try to go about (A)’s education
  • Trip to library, (A) beat me up the stairs and had selected new books and got himself settled and comfy before I got there.
  • The Book Fairy at the woods dropped a pile of books for the kids to find. The Famous Five and Nancy Drew now have new readers.
  • (A) has spent a fair bit of time creating his zoo on the computer. While it’s a computer game, he is taking it very seriously, creating habitats and caring for both his animals and dinosaurs.
  • Discovered while scrolling through Netflix looking for something to watch, decided to watch Gilmore Girls…where have I been??? I have 7 seasons to catch up on now! It’s bloody brilliant. I just presumed it would be crap and I would hate it, but, nooooo!
  • Scouring the internet for fun, finding out more about whales and other creatures of interest.


  • Made like an adult this week and cleaned and tidied and moved furniture. Very therapeutic and satisfying
  • Recycled a favourite t-shirt that was no longer fit for purpose. I am actually completing craft projects that I have imagined and started
  • Our Home Ed club had a swapshop day, where we all brought boxes and bags of “stuff” from home, (books, toys, clothes, homewares etc). Someone’s junk is another person’s treasure. I brought home 3 books, a box of vintage postcards, a gorgeous dress and 90’s Trivial Pursuits: Time Capsule edition. – result! The collection left at the end was all donated to the library in the centre we use (it is one of the libraries that is being closed down, so the centre is going to keep it open, but not as  local authority library, instead as a community library)
  • Started my bullet journal and confirmed my suspicions – I love stationery and planners and drooling over the pictures and videos of other people’s planners and Bujo’s on Pinterest, but am, infact a complete failure at keeping my own! And I’m cool with that.

It’s now very late and am turning in for the night, before tonight becomes the wee small hours of tomorrow.


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