Sum It Up Sunday #4

Hello Sunday, last day of the week, last day of July: Lammas Eve.

I’m sitting here writing up our past week, thinking about all the things I have to do today, whilst wishing it was already tomorrow. I am looking forward to tomorrow, there is something absolute in starting a new week on the 1st of the month. It seems, to me any way, to give the week a more definite starting point. But we’re still in July and it’s still Sunday, so what’s been happening?


  • This week seems to have revolved around food – making, eating and wearing! I hadn’t quite noticed until I was putting the photos together. Saving money and trying very hard not to waste food we have means more of making meals from scratch and using everything where possible. Thankfully this is something I enjoy. For it to work, I have to be organised; something I am not very good at!
  • Completed my second on-line grocery shop. This time I used Asda’s click and collect service. The results of which will feature in future blog, alongside other grocery shopping options and results.
  • My big cousin is home from Hong Kong with his family, so we met up during the week for a catch up and for (A) to play with his 3 cousins – they haven’t been home for 2 years so a big catch up was in order. Couldn’t have picked a better day weather-wise and the kids had a blast at the park.
  • Another week, another wander up and around the Falkirk Wheel. It was fairly busy with actual boats this time, as opposed to the visitor boats sited at the wheel.


  • We ventured a bit further into the woods this week and spent time at the pond. There the kids found tadpoles, wee teeny tiny frogs, and wee tadpoles that were half frog/half tadpole. We learned that they are called froglets (got to love Google and good 3G signal). We also foraged for blueberries, which were also teeny tiny, but tasty.
  • Inkeeping with the unintended foodie theme of the week, we made smoothies. (A) then decided that he wanted to make his own, with added chocolate, and than more again to his own “secret recipe” which included the last of the flapjacks made the day before. Surprisingly, his smoothies were delicious.
  • Home ed club was all about science this week. Lots of experiments happening. I found one on pinterest that actually worked!!!! Sadly I did not manage to get any photos of it, but the kids successfully pierced a bag full of water with skewers without the bag leaking. They also had fun determining what items would float, how they could stand on eggs without the eggs breaking, using the microscope to look at various “samples”, mixing bicarbonate of soda with vinegar, transferring colours and mixing colours, there were books of how things worked and cool experiments to try. Needless to say, it was a very fun afternoon and a topic that will be done again since there are more experiments both the kids and us adults want to to try.
  • New word of the week was “cunctator” which is another word for procrastinator.


  • I have to say that I am giddy and astonished by the orchid pictured above. I was given this orchid as a gift in February of this year. Ordinarily, it would have been dead within a week but it remained in-flower well into April, causing me to question whether or not it was real.  My mother in law advised me to water it only sparingly and leave it alone (the orchid we gave her 9 years ago still flowers every few months!). I am please to see that not only have mine reflowered, but 2 heads are now open and there are another 5 buds ready to pop into colour too. Maybe I have green fingers afterall – just needed time to develop.
  • Happy to report that I am still keeping my clothes all folded and tidy the KonMari way. It still gives me great joy to see them all nice and tidy in their drawers. I wasn’t sure what to do with the discarded clothing and considered selling (car boot or ebay) or  just donating. In the end I donated them all as couldn’t stand the bags cluttering up the hall.
  • Started Step 2 on my KonMari journey – books! Blog post on that coming on Tuesday. It was just as satisfying as I thought it would be (based on Step 1) and not nearly as difficult as I imagined. I have even passed on the book itself to a friend who is now on her own tidying journey and convinced 2 other friends to get the book as well.
  • Last week  I mentioned my discovery of Bujo, or Bullet Journalling. This week I have got myself all organised and set up ready to start with my own take on Bujo, tomorrow. I have been asked to write up a post on the subject, which I will do, once I get to grips with it myself and make sure that I can do it/enjoy it first.

So that was that. Goodbye July. It has been fun


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