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Step 1 – Complete (KonMari)


Last week I shared what I had learned from the KonMari book about tidying. This week I put it into practice! I was very excited to get started, even though this is just tidying. This is no ordinary tidying, but more like extreme tidying; it’s hardcore and ruthless.

Step 1 : Clothing (including shoes, bags and jewellery)

It wasn’t that long ago that I had  clear out of my clothing, only a few months ago. Not having lots of clothes or being the Falkirk equivalent of Imelda Marcos (those days are looooonng gone. In his speech at our wedding, my Husband mentioned my love of shoes and bags and how when I first moved into his flat, our bedroom looked akin to an explosion in a shoe/bag emporium – it wasn’t my fault there simply wasn’t sufficient storage in my new digs!). Same goes for handbags and jewellery, my ‘collection’ is slim. So I didn’t honestly think I would cull much, rather just tidy up what I did have and put everything back into the drawers in a more orderly properly folded manner.

So here is how I got on :



How my clothes are currently stored : chucked in the drawer where they WILL all fit and the drawer WILL close. It’s a shallow drawer….

KonMari says to get ALL the clothes and dump on the floor. I dumped them on the bed instead as comfier for reaching (is this a sign that I’m getting old?? Thinking about the comfort of my back?). And DO ALL THE CLOTHES AT ONCE. That was never going to happen; Hubby works night-shift and sleeps during the day, so I had to wait until he was up before embarking on my mission. Instead I did it over 2 evenings.  Once I started clearing my clothes, I remembered about the vacuum sealed bags under the bed that I had stored: winter coats, maternity ‘just incase’ clothes, summer holiday bikini’s and clothes that would only ever see the light of day on the sunny Costa’s. We haven’t been on a beach holiday for 8 years and am not convinced any of it still fits, the maternity gear is now  7 years old and most definitely no longer justifies a ‘just incase’ reason to keep it and the coats I had completely forgotten about and never even wore last winter….


It was actually quite surprising to see all of what I had as it was laid out. There was more than I realised, especially when the ‘stored’ items were released to be sorted. The technique to deciding which clothes to discard is holding each item individually and deciding if it sparks joy or not. Joy = keep it / no joy = discard it. Sounds straightforward until I picked up old clothes that I had kept because they spark joy from the memories but the reality is that 1. I am NEVER going to wear it again (doesn’t fit, will never again fit / don’t go anywhere to wear it even if it did fit) 2. it#s taking up space and creating unnecessary clutter, not good clutter, just cotton (or other assorted fabric) crap. Somethings sparked zero joy but were kept because I need them, every day things like knickers and socks.

Once the discarding has taken place, I had amassed 1 bag for the bin, it truly has no other worth and beyond salvage – and 3 bags (2 bin bags and 1 big Ikea blue bag) for passing on. The decision I am now faced with is : charity shop, 40p per kilo shop, ebay. But that is nothing to do with KonMari, I’m just weighing up the need to get rid of the bags now residing in my hall as quickly as possible and whether I could make any money from my stuff – there are really nice clothes in there.

My bags, shoes, scarves and jewellery went through the same process, which I actually found easier than the clothes since there was less “stuff” to go through.


After discarding, and only then, can the clothing which is staying, be put away. This was the bit I was most excited about – the art of folding: KonMari stylee. And I have to say I was not disappointed! If my mother in law could have seen the pure joy on my face once I completed this task, she would have been so proud, and not recognised her daughter in law! There are oodles of vids on youtube with demos of how to fold.  It really does make a difference. Take a look – I am giddy with glee! I shit you not. It is unbelievable how happy my drawers are making me when I open them to get my clothes. Even more joy inducing is the fact that for a whole week (don’t laugh, this is huge for me) I have maintained their orderly fashion AND put my clean clothes back in folded properly.

Now  ALL MY CLOTHES (except my coat/jackets) fit inside 1 chest of drawers!!!!!  When I shared this news with my Mum her first response was “that’s a good clear out, now you can work on building your wardrobe back up again” – eh, nooooooo, that’s not the point! I don’t want to build it back up again, I am happy with what I have, it is enough. I don’t need more, until what I do have requires to be replaced. I don’t go in for current trends and fashions, I still have some items in these drawers that I have had for almost or more than a decade, therefore I don’t have the desire to go clothes shopping with any regularity.

So now that Step 1 is complete, I am ready for Step 2 : books. I am actually dreading this one. Parting with books makes me break out in a cold sweat at the mere thought. Wish me luck, I will let you know how it goes next week. Will  it spark joy?


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