Sum It Up Sunday #3


Hello Sunday, it’s you again.

Another week has passed with more friends, fun and family time AND some SUMMER – yes, we have enjoyed the “hottest day of the year”. Here’s what happened this week:


  • We were at the woods as per usual, although this week we had a normal fire, no fancy colourful one this time. We explored a small play park within the woodland – tree swing, tyre swing and an old wishing well that has been filled with debris and twigs over time. Some of the trees had been felled, creating piles of logs for scrambling over, and provided the opportunity to age the trees by counting the rings (the one pictured was 79 years old)
  • The hottest day of the year was just that – HOT! My wee garden was positively blooming; the hanging baskets and containers are overflowing. A trip to the Falkirk Wheel was order of the day (very busy!) as was ice cream and then a cheeky vino in the garden later on.
  • (A) has a new baby cousin – my cousin had a baby daughter so we went to visit with my Mum. While my Mum and I enjoyed a cuddle with baby E, her big brother and (A) were off playing in the garden
  • Afternoon spent with my sister and nephews – our 3 boys ended the day soaking wet, covered in sand (aka dinosaur poo!!) and had many an adventure exploring the new garden and searching for various dinosaurs. Sis and I had coffee and chocolate = perfect.
  • Too much living not enough planning meaning no #frugalfriday post this week. Must try harder
  • Full moon was on Tuesday – usual high jinx and general elevated emotions running through our home


  • This week’s new word was “Selenophilia” which was timely and describes my feelings about the moon pretty accurately
  • Our Home Ed Club had an election! We are adopting an animal via WWF and let the kids decide which animal it was to be. I took my duties as Ballot Paper Maker, Election Agent and Vote Counter very seriously. The dolphin won with 50% of the total vote. The next big decision will be naming the toy dolphin when it arrives with the adoption info.
  • I have made a start and completed Stage 1 of the KonMari Method of tidying. Blog post on that coming on Tuesday, suffice to say I really enjoyed it!
  • Out with (A) and walked past some wild rabbits feeding on the grass. “Rabbits have mandibles you know” (A) informed me. Mandibles? What are mandibles? “It’s the jaw bone. It can extend for eating”. Of course, as always I check with Google when we get home and yes, it is the lower jawbone in vertebrates.
  • I have discovered and am actively pinning all things related to Bullet Journaling. I currently use a diary and my home-made filofax that I put together last year – have you seen the price of an A5 filofax?? -to keep as organised as I can. If I don’t write it down, it ain’t going to happen! But Bujo (I’m getting down with the lingo), wow, this is awesome, I am totally inspired.
  • Made like a modern grown up and ordered my first ever online grocery shop. Placed my order yesterday morning over coffee, before (A) was awake; at 9.15 last night, my delivery was at my door, and all put away in the fridge/cupboards etc all inside 10 mins. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! No rushing around the supermarket,no queues, no bored/nagging child in tow, no impulse purchases. Am ridiculously excited by the entire process. There is a price to pay for such joy though, I had to pay for the total amount (minus the offers), instead of benefiting from my Husband’s 10% staff discount and also there is no option to shop the reduced sections, BUT I got exactly what I needed, only what I needed and it was stress free. I used Tesco this time, next week I might try Asda – just to compare both the service and the price. My usual weekly shopping is a pain in the arse as there is no online home delivery service, however I’m loyal to the store because of discount and points on card, but I may be swayed by the online method. Will have to see how it compares over a few weeks and see what is better for our lifestyle v’s purse strings.




  • Having completed Step 1 of KonMari earlier in the week, I am really quite proud of myself as have been able to maintain it. Yes, I am aware that it has been only a few days, but this is HUGE for me. I am a messy bugger. In fact, Hubby is now onboard and going to go through all his clothes and organise them properly.
  • A fairly dull evening,potential for rain but still quite warm, (A) and I decided to go back to the Falkirk Wheel. It is really quiet after around 6pm, but it’s open until 8pm. It wasn’t that quiet last night – Pokemon Go has seen to that with the many Pokestops and gyms (?) at the site. However, it was quiet enough that the boating pond was free of any boats (all put away for the evening). The pond is not for bathing in – the sign says so! Undeterred by “a sign” (A) jumps straight in, fully clothed and there he spent around 45 minutes, utterly soaking up to his chest. What was he doing? He was presenting a wildlife show, “(A)’s Amazing Adventures”. He swan with penguins and went looking for a megalodon. Of course! He got a few looks and a few smiles from the Pokemon Go-ers and a couple of tourists who had boats docked in the park, but he was totally oblivious to anyone else. This is one of the things I love about him – his imagination and ability to completely immerse himself in his game. He can put all his animal knowledge to use by “telling the viewers” (yes he has imaginary viewers watching his show) all about the creatures, their habits, habitats and other interesting facts. Just like his heroes, Steve Backshall, Nigel Marvin and Naomi Wilkinson.
  • We are now coming, thankfully, to the end of a magazine series that (A) has been collecting. Every week there is a magazine with another piece of crap ill-fitting moulded plastic to assemble together with all the other pieces of crap ill-fitting moulded plastic parts. By the end of the 100 mags, he will have an enormous globe, all detailed with landmarks, wildlife, political maps and the relief maps, as well as the different layers of the planet, from the core out to the surface. The magazines are really informative. The globe however has to have been created by a sadistic Krypton Factor enthusiast who failed tech drawing at school. Nothing fits properly and I have more cuts and scratches on my hands from trying to put it together than is necessary. AND THIS IS MADE FOR CHILDREN! I have put this in under Growing this week because, as I was fitting the shoddy pieces of crap together, realising that once again the holes and clips didn’t line up, so just chucking it in the drawer where other misaligned pieces can be found, I didn’t swear! Not once! I am growing as a person and my inner calm is developing in such a way that this subscription appears to no longer awaken the beast of sweary frustration. I am quite proud of myself, and feel that I deserved that glass of wine I rewarded myself with.

So that was this week. As always, I’m looking forward to seeing what the coming week holds, so, come on then, let’s be ‘aving you.


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