Sum It Up Sunday #2


Another week in what is allegedly July, but the weather has once again, failed to remember this, and is doing as it pleases ; rain (lots of), muggy warm, windy, dry but with heavy air, bursts of sunshine and scratch-my-eyes-out-hayfever. Nevertheless it has been a fun week with plenty going on.


  • Watched and cried with Andy Murray as he won Wimbledon for the 2nd time
  • Celebrated another of (A)’s pal’s birthdays with a party at her house with all their buddies
  • Magical fire in the woods – this really should have been a learning experience but we didn’t learn how the flames changed colour, just appreciated their beauty
  • Re-organised and played around with the shelves in the bathroom
  • Visited my sister at her new gaff. I am officially in love with her new home – a proper “forever home” with a real fire and character



  • (A) got a pack of jumping beans at the birthday party then informed me that real jumping beans actually jumped because they have a moth larvae inside; when the moth moves the bean “jumps”. (I did Google this when we got home; he was correct)
  • Trip to the library for more Dinosaur books for (A) and Fearne Cotton’s Cook Happy Cook Healthy for me – not made anything yet but have made a list of what I want to try (too many recipes have almonds or almond milk though – I hate almonds…)
  • Started and almost finished Marie Kondo’s  The Life-changing Magic of Tidying. It is utterly fascinating. Wrote a blog about it 
  • During trip to local park, we took shelter in the house which is now also a visitor attraction with various exhibits – took in the beautiful work of Rob Ryan which is all intricate cut paper artistry, and (A) was thoroughly absorbed in the Roman relics, especially because so many of the finds were found in and round town, particularly the village we live in
  • Learnt a new word – Tsundoku. There are a fair few books on my shelves that have never been read, but will be one day…I really want to read them but keep getting more which then change the order of what I’m reading.. Not sure how this is going to go when I KonMarie my bookshelves (practically crying at the very thought). I LOVE books – new ones, old ones, the smell of the pages, reading them (obv) and re-reading favourites


  • Met up with a friend and her daughter whom we haven’t seen in such a long time for coffee and a well overdue catch up – now following one another on instagram whereby I am drooling over her gorgeous pictures of her vegan meals
  • (A) actually let me put eye drops in his eyes to alleviate his hayfever itch and the primal need to gouges his own eyeball out so as to reach the itch in their sockets
  • Participated in the Stop Trident protest at one of the local demos – made the mistake of taking (A) to the library first, he was so engrossed in a book on sharks that he ever so kindly suggested that I was to “go to the rally and then come back” for him.  We went with friends, so we compromised, I was in the rally crowd while he and his friend played in the area. (A) has protested about Trident before, therefore he didn’t feel the need to repeat.
  • Met up with another friend and her 2 daughters, plus another child the same age as (A) at the park, enjoyed feeding the ducks, picnic-ing under an old tree out of the rain and playing in the rain.
  • Finished cashing in the birthday gift vouchers – new top and necklace in the New Look sale
  • Growing older doesn’t phase me – even when I’m shocked at just how much my eye sight has worsened over the past 2 years. Collected my new specs and am very happy with them.
  • Embracing and accepting new technology and getting ever so slowly over my technophobe state when it comes to mobile phones. I’ve been putting off getting my upgrade for goodness knows how long because I really just wanted to go back to a wee flip top basic phone, but they don’t have instgram, so, you know, priorities. Old phone on it’s last breath. The real clincher though was the fact that this new phone is BRIGHT YELLOW!!! It’s fabulous!
  • Inherited a beauty of a gift – a friend is half way through her own KonMarie tidying extravaganza and sadly found that her coffee set no longer sparked any joy. I have yet to begin my actual tidying and discarding, so very gratefully took in and have given a home to said coffee set. It is certainly sparking joy here.


Hope you have had a great week too. On to the next, with the full moon on Tuesday (hold on tight), have fun.


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