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Saving £££ on-line. Frugal Friday #2


Since leaving work in the Spring, I have been looking at and trying different ways to save as many extra pounds where I can. There are so many hints and tips available online and in books and magazines. Making savings and cutting bills are attractive prospects for most of us.

In the past week I have made some fantastic savings online and thought I would therefore start there with this week’s #FrugalFriday installment.

Being a bookworm I make good use of our local library, which is obviously the most frugal way to read all the books on my list. However, there are times when I don’t want to give the book back! And the only other option is then to buy it. I love spending an age browsing the shelves of Waterstones (my favourite used to be Borders, ultimate Book Paradise, until it went into administration), selecting books I want to read, taking a note or a photo of it/them, then hitting up the laptop when I get home. It is a rare day that I purchase a brand new book, even rarer if it’s at full price (clearly I helped my beloved Borders on their way to administration…)! There are some exceptions, and then I will go and pay my good cash in Waterstones and collect a stamp on my loyalty card (1 stamp per £10 spent, collect 10 stamps = £10 off next purchase). My 2 go-to on-line book suppliers are:


  • The Book People – I bought the Roald Dahl Collection of 15 paperback books for £20.00. The RRP is £98.85! The Book People had a 88% off Flash Sale. (A) is just getting into Roald Dahl so this was perfect. There is no way I would pay full price for this. Another well known book retailer is selling a collection of 6 paperbacks for £18.75, so I consider this to be an amazing saving. Could (A) borrow these from the library thus saving the £20.00, of course, but I have a suspicion that these stories will be read far more than once.
  • Amazon – (used) If I am purchasing from Amazon I always buy from the used choice. Last week I bought Marie Kondo’s best selling tidying book for £1.92 plus £2.80 p&p. It was described as used and in ‘Good’ condition. It arrived in perfect condition!


When it comes to making any purchase on-line, for books, clothing, home wares, birthday cards (yes, even with moonpig), I never go shopping without accessing the website via my cashback site. Again, there are 2 that I use :

Even with my massive saving at The Book People, I also earned £0.75 cashback by using Quidco at the same time. It’s not much, just 75p, but it all adds up, especially if using it for all internet purchases.

Another way to save is to use on-line coupons and discount codes.  Both these give the discount code to be entered at time of transaction and can vary depending on where/what is being purchased. Sometimes there are no offers available, but better to have tried and saved than not at all, eh? :

If you don’t mind being spammed, or are good at keeping your email in some sort of semblance of order, then signing up to newsletters and updates from stores/sites that you shop with can be handy when they are having a sale. I get emails from my favourite sites advising of upcoming sales, which means I rarely buy out with the sale times (for certain sites) but is also handy for being organised early with gifts for the likes of Christmas/birthdays.

Years ago I used to love Blockbuster, and splurge on one of their 3 for 2 deals or an extra nights rental. Then along came LoveFilm, but both were a faff with taking back videos or posting back DVDs. We are big users in our home, of Netflix, and now so too are my parents, thanks to the fact that you can watch the films/programmes on 3 different devices (and they don’t have to be at the same address) which means the cost can be split too.

The last saver site that I like to use, is Groupon. I have had some great deals in the past, and some really unusual gifts (including my lilac tree that I got for my birthday this year).

As yet, I am unable to comment on the last site I am going to share, because I have literally JUST discovered it!!! Not sure why I have never heard of this before, but back to  for their Subscribe & Save page. This needs further investigation on my part, but I am looking at the coffee and dreaming of never again running out!

I would love to hear how you save those pounds & pennies, please share your suggestions here or on my Facebook page, as I am certain that we could all use a little extra in our purses.

It’s not your salary that makes you rich,  It’s your spending habits. – Charles A. Jaffe.


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4 thoughts on “Saving £££ on-line. Frugal Friday #2

  1. Haven’t ever used a cash back site so will be looking into those. Good tip! I can’t bring myself to buy books at Amazon but Hive often have some good deals & I get to support my local bookshop at the same time. I love book people for kids books esp sets.

    1. I would prefer to use local independent bookshop (our last one closed a long time ago sadly) and love a find of a second hand book shop too.
      I understand about Amazon, it’s one of those ethics v’s economics debates for me. Book People will always get me custom first, between the two.

  2. I’m a very good customer of the bookpeople too although we also regularly use the library. I’m using it more for me too now. I’m getting much better at returning them without a fine which always used to be my downfall! I used to use a cashback internet shopping site – had completely forgotten about them – thank you for the reminder I must get onto that. Us home edders need serious saving! I do a lot of birthday / xmas shopping in the notonthehighstreet sale in january and the summer one (currently on). I use amazon subscribe and save if you want to chat about it. We use it predominantly for nappies which gives us 20%off nappies and we never run out. I have ethical issues with amazon BUT I’m broke and its not stuff on my subscribe account that I would be buying from a wee indy shop so I don’t feel too bad. We sometimes add other bits to the order and if there’s 6 things then i get 5% off those too. The subscribe title is deceiving too as there’s no problem in cancelling the order after the first one. For us its worth the prime membership for the free post on the occasional stuff we do buy, plus our prime films/tv, my free kindle book a month and our very cheap nappies. (We get pampers at less per nappy than the supermarket own brands) Thanks for your tips!

    1. I never seem to get NotontheHighStreet at the time of their sale – will have wee look and see if here is anything for this Christmas I can get in, cheers for that.
      I also have ethical issues with Amazon, thanks for info on Subscribe and Save, definitely interested to find out more

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