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Clutterbug Cleaner

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What do you get if you cross a loveable Clutterbug  with a proficiency in procrastination and a love/loathe attitude to cleaning (love the end result but haaaaaate cleaning), with a serious dollop of lazy-can’t-be-arsedness? ME! And a pretty stressed out Me, at that.

Who has a nice clean and tidy house? Who has an organised home? Who said yes to both AND has kids? Seriously?! And how is that possible??

I am not a particularly tidy person. Actually, that is pretty generous – I’m a messy bugger and not especially houseproud BUT I love it when my home is all clean and tidy.  And when I say home, I really mean just the livingroom or the kitchen or the bathroom or the hall or our bedroom. Just one room, because that is all that is ever all done at a time. As for (A)’s room, well, the least said about that the better *keeping that door closed*.

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All my life I have been untidy – much to the stress of my parents; I could never understand why they just didn’t shut my bedroom door! Then I produced a messy child of my own… When I left home and into my own flat, I had a sign that read : Only dull women have immaculate homes. Yes, I was too busy working and having fun to bother with anything other than the basics of housekeeping and a random purge when the need for a deep clean took hold. Ironically, at one point, I ran a domestic cleaning business and did very well cleaning other people’s homes!

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Fast forward many years to the here and now : I don’t work in paid employment, am a fully fledged SAHM and yet I seem now to have less time (or energy) then ever, to get my home ship shape and in order. It is a perpetual cycle of laundry, dishes and cooking, with the actual cleaning being thrown in as and when.  This is not how I imagined SAHM life would be. I had visions of having plenty time to keep on top of our home, of how if anyone popped in (by anyone I mean either my parents or my in-laws) at any time I wouldn’t have to make an olympic sprint for the bathroom to give it a quick wipe round and clear the sofa of stuff so they had a place to sit down. What is weird, is that we, (A) and I, are hardly ever at home! And when I have gutted the kitchen or the livingroom so that it actually looks like a livingroom, it is only  a couple days before we are back to square one. AND IT IS STRESSING ME OUT!!!!

So what to do about it? Pinterest! Naturally. And WOW – just wow – at the sheer number (not that I should be in any way remotely surprised) of cleaning & tidying routines and schedules. Are people really this organised, and, well, anal, about the level of commitment to ensuring an orderly and sanitary home? I was looking for some pointers to make life a bit easier, some time savers or simple guides to getting my SAHM shit together so that I could lose the guilts and stresses. There are routines and schedules for daily/weekly/monthly/seasonal/annual sessions. People have their cleaning schedule diaried into planners and filofaxes. That’s really taking home making to another level. I am not at that stage. I still consider it a chore and that if it doesn’t get done, I feel guilty and then plan to get up early to clean/tidy, because in the evening I am too tired or to be honest, would much rather have a glass of wine and write/read/ skive about online.  What do I like looking at online – Pinterest and instagram of gorgeous homes and interesting interiors, which inspire and make me want to get my place in better shape.


After much research, I have found that it is not the lack of cleaning system I have, or desire to implement such, it is simply that I have soooo much crap. I need to declutter – not to minimalist extreme you understand, I am very much a maximalist, but need to fine tune and find some balance. konI need to apply the KonMari Method. I have got my hands on a copy of Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying : A simple, effective way to banish clutter for ever. I admit that I am somewhat sceptical of how successful this will be, especially from much of the piss-taking I have read in response to some of the methodology, but I am intrigued to find out if it works and how. Plus, I want my home to be a pleasure to enjoy sitting in and for me not to feel guilty if at the end of the day I want to relax rather than hop back on the domestic hamster wheel of drudgery.



I can’t wait to get started. Follow each Tuesday to see how this clutterbug is getting on de-cluttering, cleaning, clearing and “sparking joy”.


4 thoughts on “Clutterbug Cleaner

  1. Will be interested to hear how you get on with this as we also have a “stuff” problem!

  2. I am ridiculously excited about tackling this and sharing my results, the good and the bad 😉

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  4. Goodluck, i know you’ll do great! Tackle that stuff a day at a time. and check me out for more organizing and decor inspiration. 🙂

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