Sum It Up Sunday #1


If I were to sum up the past week, it would be best described as quick. Like, super speedy! It’s Sunday already??? We’ve not even had a particularly busy week. But those 7 days/ 168 hours/ 10,080 minutes have indeed passed quickly.

What have we been up to then, over this past week? In no particular order :

  • The woods – hours in the rain, playing and exploring. The kids thought they had discovered at badger set (they hadn’t but who were we to tell them different being as they learned that badgers are nocturnal and cannot/must not be disturbed, and so were very quiet and considered whilst exploring that particular area), found and tried to identify animal tracks and re-clad their den
  • Painting – my husband and I are thoroughly enjoying watching Bob Ross on Netflix. Can’t beat a bit of nostalgic TV, especially with the most chilled presenter ever. (A) has been inspired and took to painting his wooden T.Rex, even giving it shading and tone to “make it more realistic”



  • Birthday party – (A)’s friend turned 6 and had a party with all their home-ed buddies and THE ANIMAL MAN!!!! Oh man, it was fab! The Animal Man brought with him a tarantula, meerkat, huge rat, baby giant tortoise, monitor lizard, and a RACOON!!! Which ate grapes from your hand. Not my hand or (A)’s as this child of mine LOVES animals and wants to work with animals, but doesn’t want to actually touch them…he is a walking, talking, but hands-free encyclopedia of all things animal.
  • Conversations with (A) such as when he’s trying really hard to like football and watch it with his Dad when France played Germany the other night: “I’ve been watching this match for seven minutes and there hasn’t been a single goal! How is that even possible? This is rubbish!!!”In the car and piped up with this beauty : ” This home-ed thing isn’t really going so well is it?”  I nearly crashed the car! “What do you mean?” in what I hoped was a relaxed tone….”Well, I’ve not really been learning anything for ages, like I’ve not finished my projects and not done my maths app for ages.” “That doesn’t mean you haven’t learned anything. What do you think you should do then?” “Hmm, I dunno. Stuff so I can work at Deep Sea World when I’m older”. “Ok, what do you think you need to do for that?” “Well, I already know lots about animals and fish and sharks…but I don’t know how to get to work there”. “Is there anyone you think we could ask?” “Ehm, Dad?” “Yes, you could ask your Dad, but I was thinking more along the lines of contacting Deep Sea World and asking them” “Cool – can I tell them I want to swim with their sharks too when I turn 8?” “Yes. Do you want to write a letter then?” “Will you help me?” “Of course” “Awesome”
  • Taking my birthday vouchers to the shops and coming home with money left over having only spent a tenner – 2 tops in New Look, £5 each!!! Result! Which ties in very nicely with my renewed and much needed vigour for frugality. Wrote a blog about that too, on Friday.


  • Discovering, after years of repeating my child-like mantra “I don’t like that” whilst scrunching up my nose, that I do infact like both falafel and hummus/humous! Hubby made his own flat breads (which are delicious) and I bravely tried the falafel – it is delicious!!!


  •  Accepting that old age doesn’t come itself and that I am getting more shortsighted with each passing day – needing new specs. I love my current frames and didn’t want to change them, but sadly I have to, if I want to continue to be able to drive. Then I found a fabulous pair – proper vintage style. Loved them until I tried them on. Actually, no, I still loved them when I put them on and was ready to get them until 3 members of staff in the opticians recommended the other pair I chose, as they felt I suited them better than the really cool vintage-y ones.  (Please excuse the cringeworthy selfies as felt a complete wally taking them in the opticians, but were to send to Hubby to help with my selection. left hand side not got, picked ones on the right)
  • Sewing a new zip into (A)’s adventure waistcoat and he asked to learn how to sew : ” I want to learn to sew, can you show me? You have my full attention” – Pin cushion comes out – “OOH its just like a puffer fish, a tomato puffer fish! – lost him for the next 45 mins. He still has no idea how to sew.


  • And lastly, losing my shit – over spilt milk – quite literally. Not my finest hour of parenting, especially as (A) accidently caused a full 4pint carton of milk to explode, creating a milk fountain, which was spraying in every direction. I did feel bad for shouting and did apologise. And he did clean it up and apologise too. 4 pints!!!

So that was last week. Wonder what this coming week will bring – hopefully some summer weather at least?

Have a great week


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