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Frugal Friday


Frugal (adj) :

economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving or sparing; not wasteful

See also : thrifty, skimping, penny-pinching, tight, stingy, watchful and careful [with money]

Right, so, frugal is perhaps not the most exciting of words in that it doesn’t conjure the feeling of homemade, upcycled, crafting joy that thrifty brings, but neither is it as insipid as careful or as wincing as tight.  It is however, a necessity for many, myself included, and it goes really well in a hashtag with Friday. So with that in mind, I’m proud to present…….


Never saw that coming did you?

We are in austere times, people, with potentially another recession inbound. Austerity, now that’s an ugly word!

Generally, I think I am fairly good at being frugal and thrifty. I check and sometimes buy from the ‘reduced’ sections in the supermarket, always check for offers, compare prices, dye my own hair and use money/vouchers I get for birthdays & Christmas for hair cuts and clothes shopping, I don’t spend outwith my means and we have almost no debt but I’m lazy. I get side tracked, distracted and can procrastinate like a boss instead of preparing my weekly meal plan and shopping list; I end up grabbing my shopping bags and purse and winging it, coming home with not much to cobble together into proper meals for the week, and spending more than I intended. Hmm, I perhaps need to rephrase this, I am not fairly good at being frugal and thrifty, I am actually pretty crap at it, but I KNOW HOW to do it. Knowing and doing aren’t exactly the same thing, and is probably the reason why I am on a bit of a researching-frugal-frenzy at the moment. I like to think that I am thrifty – I have so many ideas and plans, which are just that: ideas and plans, rather than actually doing/making them into reality.

My book shelf holds books on thrift and frugality and how to bring these ideas into everyday living. I love reading these books, but once they are read and placed in the bookshelf, it seems that the information gleaned from their wise pages just floats off into the ether. This needs addressing. Also, the irony here is not lost on me…(in my defence, one of the books is from the library)



For inspiration and motivation, or for a frugal foot up the arse to get you going, you will find that your frugal friend (another word that goes beautifully with my 3rd favourite F word. Feel free to ponder over what my first 2 are if you so desire) is Pinterest.  This cyber collection of wonderment can be a bit overwhelming with the sheer amount of hints and tips and blog posts and how to’s and tried ‘n’ tested recommendations and life hacks etc, but there are many a gem to be found and pinned for later use. My ‘pinned for later’ is now my ‘pinned to read NOW’. I am going through pages of ideas compiling lists of my priorities on how to live, essentially, a richer life for less. And I’m raring to get going; excited to actually put into practise, creative ways to stretch my pennies and pounds like a yogi and make all my knowledge (new and old dusted off memories from my archives) earn their keep.

Frugal isn’t quite so bad, really.  I wonder if successfully embracing frugality and all it’s benefits will be powerful enough to upgrade my hashtag a notch to #FabulouslyFrugalFriday…stay tuned to find out.


L x



3 thoughts on “Frugal Friday

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  2. looking forward to future frugal tips! I resell some stuff occasionally. Find frugal living interesting and do some stuff well BUT I’m a bit like you. I can be crap at keeping it going. Plus we have a huge amount of debt which can be overwhelming, depressing, boring and sloooow to clear.

    1. Reselling is not something I have really done before but will be looking into shortly – I may be picking your brains on that one.
      I am super keen to get going and keep going this time, we can motivate and support one another.

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