Life’s a Beach


During “term time”, places such as parks, beaches and the library are usually fairly quiet.  It turns out that during the summer holidays, the same applies to the beach on slightly cooler colder, overcast days with fairly persistent smirry rain, too.  Not that I am complaining though, you understand.

Today (A) and I met up with friends at the beach, where we had practically a whole stretch to ourselves. The tide was out and it was just one big play ground for (A) and his 2 pals.

P1020797.JPGPicnic blankets out, held down at the corners with various bags and shoes, my friend and I had our lunch and a blether whilst the kids went off and did their own thing.

It turns out that what they were doing, was digging an enormous hole, that the 3 of them could sit in, shelter from the rain and eat their lunch. It also served as a hide. The hole under the blankets was impressive, and the blankets were supported by the pole of a fishing net and a cup – genius! They also had a “door name” with 3 holes, one to represent each of them.

As we chatted, my friend and I noticed that the beach was very quiet, to the point that it was literally just us, the kids and her dog left on the sand; the tide was on its way in. And in it came with ninja like stealth, creeping in silently. We sat and watched it, in awe – vast sections of beach becoming islands before disappearing, the current making the waves flow almost sideways around the partially submerged islands. It was soon time to move.  Thankfully, the kids had made their den beyond the high tide line so they were completely unfazed by the rapidly decreasing beach. I found it amusing that as we were packing up to relocate, we were still bare foot whilst the people who had emerged for a wander along the path from the island were kagooled up with their big golf umbrellas. And our kids, well they were covered in sand.

P1020824As always when it’s time to go, the kids are less than enthused as they are having fun. So what did they do – took off to the water to “get the sand off, Mum”. “Aye, right!” I thought, but they did indeed clean up, and had a giggle as they did so.

What the heck, it’s only water. 3 soggy children headed back home (dry clothes were in the car), having had a thoroughly fabulous day out.

Simple pleasures : pals, imagination, freedom to play and explore.  Who needs the sunshine in July? Actually, I wouldn’t say no to a little more summery weather, since it is July, but this is Scotland and we had a gorgeous couple of weeks at the end of May; that may very well have been our Summer for this year. Time will tell. Regardless, the beach will still be there rain hail or shine as will we.

L x

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