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Chocolate Politics


First we had “Let Toys be Toys” then “Let Clothes be Clothes”, today I am calling for “Let Chocolate be Chocolate”. Seriously, everyday sexism just hit the sweetie aisle in Home Bargains. 


Ladies, gentlemen, boys & girls, *drum roll please* – introducing the Blue Label.


In here you will find disks of milk chocolate, covered in shiny foil of navy blue, turquoise, red and lime green, each with boy specific “cool” picture : football, monster, racing car, spaceship, spinning top, shark, aeroplane, boys only sign, and (my personal favourite), “Wannabe a Hero”. Awesome! Just what every little boy loves. Nothing “girlie” in here; just boys stuff. Right?

Now, I’m sure Home Bargains are careful to ensure equality in their business, so, I give you the Pink Label.


In here you will be treated to milk chocolate disks surprisingly of the same size as the Blue Label, I was sure I would find smaller, daintier disks, possibly with added edible pink glitter, but no. However, the foil wrappers were ALL PINK on one side, and either baby blue or orange on the reverse. The cutesy pie pictures were an adorable selection of sweet little cherubs, fairies, flowers, golden crown with pink heart jewel, “I heart chocolate”, girl only sign, “Wannabe a Star” and this beauty, a frog saying “kiss me”! Yup, in 2016 we are still promoting the idea that girls have to do as they are told and kiss the damn frog. There is no asking, just stating “kiss me”. Helloooo, Self Respect calling! Self determination, consent and “get lost” are also holding on the line.

I know before I go any further that some people reading this will roll their eyes, tut, and most probably sigh with a “Godsake, dramatic much?”. If you have, indeed, just experienced any or all 3 of those reactions YOU ARE PART OF THIS PROBLEM! It’s called sexism and gender stereotyping…of children.

Can someone please explain to me  why only boys can be heroes? (A), my 6 year old son, told me I was a Hero – me, his Mum! Yet in my pink net of chocolatey fun, I only get to be a star, and that’s a bit shit. Tossing the orange foiled star aside, I see your Wannabe Hero, and raise you a Goddamn Super Hero! I am a Super Hero: Super Mum. While I am not alone in owning that particular alter ego or my talents and special powers, to a certain 6 year old though, there is no other Super Mum and I wear that cape with honour.  And can you also explain to the same 6 year old why his favourite colour (orange) is deemed only suitable for girls? Or why one of his besties would be very disappointed not to find a football in her bag of chocs or a shark? It’s so weird, (A) and his friend – who’s a girl – both share many of the same interests, and yet he couldn’t care less about football and she plays it! For a team, too – imagine that! Whodathunkit?

If someone cannot explain to me why these limiting, narrow minded, colour coded, brainwashing, restrictive, ridiculous gender specific chocolates are in existence, perhaps you would like to hear, or at least read the thoughts from my 6 year old son on the matter (not restricted just to the colour of chocolate wrappers but the wider gender specification):

“This is silly. I want an orange chocolate, but it’s in the girl’s bag.”

“There are no boy colours and girl colours; just colours”

“I can do any job that a girl can do. A girl can do any job that I can do”

“There are no boys toys and girls toys; just toys”

See, it really isn’t very difficult to wrap ones head around. Kids understand it, before they are conditioned to believe otherwise by marketers, advertisers and outdated socially accepted norms. I say “Down with the stupidity”!

If it is still hard to understand, I feel this picture below explains it very well – it is obviously to illustrate the absurdity of gender specific toys, but go with me here, being as gender specific marketing of chocolate is as equally absurd:


All of this, just because I said my kid could go and choose some chocolate. Did I mention that? This is all about CHOCOLATE! Chocolate for goodness sake.

Home Bargains, take note and sort it out. Embrace the radical notion that kids don’t care, they just want to eat the chocolate. Stop poisoning their minds with  parochial attitudes towards your confectionery selection. Let Chocolate be Chocolate.


ps, There is a petition out just now that needs signatures from Let Clothes be Clothes  Please take a minute to have a look and sign if you agree.


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Politics

  1. Kinderjoy for boys/girls is just as bad :/ Hair clips, teeny brushes, paper cats etc for girls, super hero’s, spinning tops, cars etc for boys.

    1. I was going to ask if Kinder specify boy/girl on their packaging, but have just checked, and they do!!!! Good grief, it is utterly ridiculous and totally unnecessary.
      Why do the “boys” get the fun toys and “girls” get the cutesy beautifying products? It’s as if big business is in this together – start them young and when the little girls are older with just the right amount of insecurity we will ply them with more products to make them”beautiful”. Meanwhile the boys are fed the continual image of being action heroes and have to like sports and motors, because boys will be boys!
      This reply has almost become another post, oops!

      Thanks for commenting.

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