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Hello July

It’s  4.37am. I’ve been awake for some time, listening to the birds outside in the bushes singing their morning song; there is definitely a blue tit out there, and something else too, but I don’t know what. It is the sound of peace. As I lie in my bed, I become aware with each passing minute the increasing fizziness of my sinuses  – hello hay fever! This is not a sign of peace, but rather, annoyance. Why is it only in the morning that my hay fever bothers me? So now instead of gently waking, and if I’m honest, hopefully falling back asleep until a more acceptable time, I am awake and I need to get up!

I enjoy the morning when I am up first and have my coffee in the quiet calm, it’s just that that is normally around 7am…anyways, I’m up and keen to restore the mood I was in when I first woke. Time to get the coffee on, to sit and relax. Except – THERE’S NO COFFEE!! It’s as good as a dry house!! I know, I know, first world problems! In the grand scheme of things, this is so insignificant it doesn’t even register. But it’s my problem and it’s not yet 5am. Come on! How exactly did this happen??

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Kettle on for tea instead. I do love a mug of strong tea, but not before my coffee.

I creep through to the living room, trying not to wake my sleeping boys, light a candle (apple and something scented), open the blinds and smile. The sun is streaming through the gaps in the trees casting long shadows up the garden. The sky is palest blue with the fainest suggestion of cloud. The bramble bushes and cow parsley visible over the top of the fence are gently waving; the trees behind them moving with a bit more purpose. There is a solitary blue tit feasting on peanuts from the bird feeder hanging on the fence (It could have enjoyed some seeds or suet balls but the resident starling family  leave not a scrap once the feeders are full; if you’re not fast you’re last and left starving). The garden looks so inviting bathed in the early sun. I want to take my tea out and sit outside to enjoy it, but I don’t. Instead I gaze a few minutes more, enjoying the view and fascinated by my wee feathered visitor, before switching on the computer and “quickly check” social media. It’s now 6am !!! Whaaaaaaaaat? Where’d that hour go??? Bugger. I had loosely planned to do something…useful… or something with my precious quiet “me-time” but instead faffed about online.

Time to step away from the screen, make another cof tea, the first one hasn’t even made a dent in my need for caffeine

vitImage from here

And I’m going to take this cuppa outside and enjoy the morning air, still quiet while many remain sleeping. Refuel on warm caffeinated beverages and a dose of tranquility before the madness of the day wakes and we launch into the weekend.

Hello, July.  Good morning.



Doesn’t this cloud look like a big eye watching me drink my tea?


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