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This is that ‘awkward’ first blog post!  Except that this isn’t my first post; I have been blogging for the past 2 years at Lissa Orr, formerly The Scarf Lady Chronicles. It is however my first post on my new shiny blogging website, that’s all mine.

Welcome to Always Learning Forever Growing. logo2

The name Always Learning Forever Growing has been a personal motto/mantra of mine for years and is as relevant now as it was when it came in to being, and will continue to be, long into my future. It is also something I hope my 6 year old, (A), will come to appreciate too. Learning doesn’t start and end within the confines of our compulsory academic years; life is a never-ending lesson. Embrace it all! In this world there is so much to explore and learn, either from the beginning of something new and exciting, or deepening our knowledge and understanding further. We have the choice to change our minds and plans, and ultimately our paths as we grow and develop. Some people may call that flighty, to be chopping and changing beliefs, or flitting between paths, but I prefer to call it flexible and being confident enough to know your shit and trust your gut. Maybe it has something to do with being a Gemini… Curiosity didn’t kill the cat, it gave it a thirst for knowledge. Curious is good.

After leaving my employer of 12 years just 3 months ago to become a full time Stay At Home Mum to continue to home educate our 6 year old son, I want to document our journey as we live and learn. Writing is one of my passions, and this business of being a SAHM is a whole new adventure for me and our family of 3.

Right now, I am excited to see where our path takes us and what we will learn along the way. After all, if we are not learning and growing, then what is the point? Find and explore your passions. Feel Happiness. Breathe Peace.

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EDITED TO NOTE : Always Learning Forever Growing has now evolved and grown into Wild Sister Rising. Thank you for joining me on my journey.


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  1. What a great intro! Looking forward to reading your next posts!

    1. Thank you Cecile.
      L x

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