I’m Lissa, founder of Wild Sister Rising. I’m delighted you are here.

Wild Sister Rising was born to inspire women (you and me) to live authentically in our truth; to feel and be empowered by ourselves, our uniqueness and live our own dreams. To rediscover, remember and reconnect with the mysteries of women and our ancestors and celebrate the magic, wisdom and power in each other.


Wild Sister Rising is rooted in 5 principles :
Rising / Circles / Cycles / Intentional Living / Divine Feminine.
Each principle works as a stand alone entity to inspire you to Awaken Your Wild You.  They are also all connected to each other, woven together, over-lapping and strengthening one another, encouraging and supporting the collective.  Just as we do in the community; our Wild Sister Rising village.

What do these Principles actually consist of?
Rising : Identifying what it means to rise, rewild, reclaim, remember and stand sovereign.
Circles : The power of circles and ceremony, creating your village, community, sisterhood, honouring and reclaiming our rites of passage.
Cycles : Lunar (13 moons Lunar Cycle), Menstrual Cycle, Life Cycle, Pagan Wheel of the Year Seasonal Cycle.  Connectivity
Intentional Living : Rituals and practices (daily, lunar, seasonal, personal, communal), journalling (many types), lifestyle (conscious and deliberate living & mindset), self discovery
Divine Feminine : Identifying who and what the Divine Feminine is and means,  connecting to Her, working with Her energies and guidance, personal practice, Spirituality

If you enjoy my work and find value in its content, please share.  You can also shout me a coffee (or herbal tea) via Ko-fi.  I will be enormously grateful and will turn that support into more and better content for your entertainment and spiritual growth.

Are you hearing the call? Feet on your path? Ready? Let’s do this together.

With love & blessings

Wild Sister Rising

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