I’m Lissa, founder of Wild Sister Rising. I’m delighted you are here.

Wild Sister Rising was born to inspire women (you and me) to live authentically in our truth; to feel and be empowered by ourselves, our uniqueness and live our own dreams. To rediscover, remember and reconnect with the mysteries of women and our ancestors and celebrate the magic, wisdom and power in each other.


Women’s Circles and  reclaiming ceremonial rituals for the different stages in our lives. By self discovery and development, feminism, sisterhood, spirituality, connection and living with the seasons and cycles of nature, including our very own seasons and inner cycles.

I am sharing my own experience and musings, services and shop.  I invite you to join the conversation; be part of the community.  You can also join Wild Sister Rising Inner Circle (private Facebook group) for free to enjoy the discussions in a safe,sacred space.


If you enjoy my work and find value in its content, please share.
You can also find Wild Sister Rising on Facebook , Instagram , Pinterest and Youtube.

Are you hearing the call? Feet on your path? Ready? Let’s do this together.

With love & Blessings

Wild Sister Rising

Welcome to Wild Sister Rising – Who I am and what Wild Sister Rising is all about.

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